Announcing the Next TWTV Roundtable Review Series: Superheroes!

Happy Thursday folks! Cory here. Last week we completed our eight-week stealth excursion into secret agent television, which means that it’s time for a new series of reviews. With the summer movie season upon us, we seemingly can’t escape superheroes. Yet, while feature-length versions of comic book heroes’ stories dominate the box office returns, those stories have had a much more complicated life on the small screen. Of course, that hasn’t stopped studios and networks from trying to make superhero escapades work on television. Over the next nine weeks (taking a break for the Fourth of July holiday), various members of the This Was Television staff will discuss some of television’s attempts to produce good superhero stories. Below you will find the current schedule for this series of reviews, along with where you can find these episodes. Please note that a number of these episodes are found on YouTube and thus are subject to disappearing or being removed at any instant. We’ll keep you updated as the schedule progresses. 

6/13: The Adventures of Superman, “Great Caesar’s Ghost” (S3E5, Amazon Instant)
6/20: Batman 1966, “King Tut’s Coo”/”Batman’s Waterloo” (S2E53/54, YouTube)
6/27: Green Hornet, “Corpse of the Year” Parts 1 and 2 (S1E18/19, YouTube)
7:/11: The Six Million-Dollar Man, “A Bionic Christmas Carol” (S4E10, YouTube)
7/18: Shazam!, “Thou Shall Not Kill” (S1E3, YouTube) and The Secrets of Isis, “Spots of  Leopard” (S1E3, Hulu)
7/25: The Greatest American Hero, “The Two Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Fastball” (S2E2, Hulu)
8/1: The Incredible Hulk, “Stop the Presses” (S2E9, Hulu)
8/8: The Flash, “The Trickster,” (S1E12, Amazon Instant)

3 Responses to “Announcing the Next TWTV Roundtable Review Series: Superheroes!”

  1. Marty McKee

    Ohmigod, you literally could not have picked a worse SMDM episode. Geez, it’s terrible. I already know you guys will hate it.

    “The Two Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Fastball” is not GAH at its best, but it’s silly fun, I guess. Well, I guess I could say that about everything on that list.

    • Cory Barker

      I picked all these, and a lot of them were based on availability. Also: I like weird shit.


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