I loved this episode, one of the best so far. Mainly because of the plot. Cloning Hitler is something of an adventure-story trope, and it never gets old. THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL came out the year after this, so WW was ahead of the pack this time. Lots of action and Diana doing cool things. I don’t believe the story that Lynda Carter is doing her own helicopter stunts. Plus, Mel Ferrer, a once-big movie star now doing silly episodic TV and grimy exploitation movies. Unfortunately, he is captured off-screen, which was a mistake. Also, speaking of tropes, this episode managed to film in both Bronson Canyon *and* Franklin Canyon, two of the most familiar locations in Hollywood history. I’m guessing that bunker is part of the reservoir at Franklin Canyon.

Anyway, great episode. Don’t care about Joe, and he’ll be gone soon anyway. It seemed obvious to me, but maybe not to you guys, that the mysterious voice with the Southern accent giving Diana and Steve their orders was Jimmy Carter.