[…] After Invasion and Threshold, we move to the final of the “year of Lost-y failures” shows, Surface. NBC’s entry into the high-concept sci-fi drama arms race, Surface follows a disparate group of people experiencing various, ultimately related alien-related events. (It’s sort of weird that all of these shows are actually about alien invasions, huh? More on that in a moment.) Unlike Threshold, Surface was never pulled off NBC’s schedule per se; it aired 10 episodes before the 2006 Winter Olympics, then aired a handful more, and was just never renewed. Unsurprisingly, the show had a dedicated fan base, leading to an ineffective petition of  15,000 signatures hoping to keep the show alive. While all of these shows have been forgotten by audiences, it seems like Surface is the most forgotten, perhaps partially because it aired during a notable nadir for NBC in the 2005-2006 season that only produced one new series that made it to a second season (My Name is Earl). But we’re here to bring Surface back into your conscious, just like a sea creature slinking from the depths of the ocean and into your personal fish tank. […]