Announcing the Next Roundtable Theme: 1990s Nickelodeon

After much debate (seriously, you don’t want to know how much), we’ve come up with the latest batch of episodes for our staff roundtable. Over the next nine weeks, This Was Television will be doing a deep dive on all things 1990s Nickelodeon. If countless nostalgia-themed lists on the Internet, retro blocks of programming on contemporary Nick airwaves, and new books have shown us, people out there really want to relive the early years, from Rugrats and The Adventures of Pete & Pete to Guts and The Legends of the Hidden Temple. Much of the staff is so jazzed about this excursion into Nick archives that each roundtable will feature two different shows.

Below you’ll find the current schedule for the next nine weeks of slimey roundtable action. Take note that we have shifted the publish date from Thursday to Monday, meaning the first Nickelodeon-centric roundtable will go live in just four days, on Monday August 26. The schedule is a living, breathing document and we’re always interested in hearing your suggestions. Without further ado:

8/26: Rugrats, “Reptar on Ice/Family Feud” and Doug, “Doug’s Got No Gift / Doug Vs. The Klotzoid Zombies”

9/2: The Ren & Stimpy Show, “Haunted House/Mad Dog Hoek” and Rocko’s Modern Life, “Zanzibar/Fatal Contraption”

9/9: You Can’t Do That On Television, “Bullying” and The Adventures of Pete & Pete, “The Call”

9/16: Hey Dude, “Loose Lips” and Salute Your Shorts, “Toilet Bowl Basketball”

9/23: Hey Arnold, “Longest Monday/Eugene’s Pete” and The Wild Thornberrys, TBD

9/30: Clarissa Explains it All, “Understudy” and The Secret Life of Alex Mack, “The Videotape”

10/7: Guts, “Alex/Sarah/Jennifer” and Legends of the Hidden Temple, “Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale”

10/14: All That, “Tyra Banks/Blackstreet” and Kenan & Kel, “Who Loves Orange Soda”

10/21: Weinerville, “Dottie’s Birthday” and Roundhouse, “TV”

10/28: Are You Afraid of the Dark, “Tale of the Dangerous Soup” and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, “The Smoke Screen Case”

For those of you who want to watch ahead and follow along, we’ll post streaming options for each episode the week before. For our first week, Rugrats is available free streaming: and also on Amazon and free for Amazon Prime users:

Doug is streaming here: and also on Amazon and free for Amazon Prime users:

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