Team-Up Review: Wonder Woman, “The Deadly Sting”

Wonder Woman blocks a bullet

By Kerensa Cadenas and Noel Kirkpatrick

Wonder Woman
Season 3, Episode 3: “The Deadly Sting”
Original airdate: Oct. 6, 1978

Noel: I am not a football fan. I’ve never found it particularly engaging as a sport and that has lead to me having issues getting involved in narratives that involve said sport. Oddly, my disinterested with “The Deadly Sting” is just because it’s really boring, and, well, the very flimsy reasons for an apparently major U.S. intelligence/defense agency getting involved into this scheme in the first place is that it would hurt the country’s morale if the underdogs keep winning…?

Kerensa: It was so deeply boring. I really don’t think I knew what was happening during most of the episode. I don’t really care about sports at all either but I can get into it.

This was not one of those times.

Was there anything you liked?

Sam intimidates Professor Brubaker

Noel: I will say that is a nicely structured episode. Which may be the oddest thing to say: “Gosh, it was a well-put together, but so boring.”

But it was! While I still don’t understand why in the world I.A.D.C. would concern itself with any of this from the start (maybe after the mob connection was established…if it had been sooner!), the actual order  of events, including the escalation with the former basketball player and the stinger which helped them uncover the plot really just clicked.

But it was just really boring.  Except for Craig T. Nelson as one of the goons. That was nice.

What’d you think about Diana’s partner this week, Bill?

Kerensa: So boring! Yeah, it doesn’t seem like something they would care about at all or that anyone would (jk).

Craig T. Nelson! It was so exciting to see him.

Bill seems like a dick? He’s obviously SO into Diana and she’s asexual so she’s not into it. Honestly though, he was just so bland that he didn’t really make a huge impression on me either way. God, I almost miss being enraged by Steve in the first season. What did you think about him? Although I did really like that scene when Diana’s at his apartment after he got shot by the dart thing–which SELF DESTRUCTED ITSELF-that was super cool.


Noel: This is an agency so concerned with America’s well-being that its investigative jurisdiction extends from super spies in the Caribbean to suspicious in-game actions of football players. At this point, I assume that the snarky computer is PRISM’s forerunner.

Bill did seem sort of shifty to me. “Dick” may be too strong a word, but he never rubbed me the right way, regardless. The scene in the apartment was neat — lots of things to destroy — but what did you think about the level of violence in the episode overall? It was probably one of the more violent episodes we’ve seen, if not the most violent, between the fight at the football banquet (which was attended by a number of real football players) and Bill’s rampage.

Kerensa: Ugh I hate that computer. I hope it gets phased out like Diana’s feminism 😦

I hadn’t thought about it but after you’ve mentioned it, the level of violence–and realistic violence–at that was probably the most violent we’ve seen on the show for sure. Especially that fight at the football banquet. When Wonder Woman shows up, one of the football players said “I’ve never hit a woman before, but there’s a first time for anything.” And I was horrified, especially because Wonder Woman didn’t say anything in response. Although she may have just hit him, which could be statement enough I guess.

Noel: Both scenes are oddly disturbing in their violence, for this show anyway, even though there’s never any concern about the risk anyone’s in, because, well, Wonder Woman is right there. Like you, I thought it was surprisingly unsurprising that Wonder Woman’s response to being threatened with bodily harm was [shoved] instead of a more nuanced response. Along those lines though, what did you make of her being able to make them stop just by shouting? Or did the little remote control thing stop transmitting because they ran away? It was just confusing.

Diana rocks the pony tail and the trench coat

Kerensa: Yeah, I didn’t get that at all. I do think for at least half of this episode I had no idea what was actually happening.

One positive thing about this episode though was that Diana was crushing it in the hair/outfit department. When she goes to Bill’s, her dress and trench coat combined with that ponytail was everything.

However, Wonder Woman could use Diana’s consultation re: hair, it was unusually big in this episode. Maybe a new season 3 development?

Noel: I feel like Wondy’s hair is getting progressively larger every few other episodes. Oh, the 70s.


Next week: “The Fine Art of Crime”

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