The kiss was hot, and the fallout was awful. I was/am mad at Noel for such a boneheaded move because I had a guy friend who did the same. exact. thing. freshman year. Me and the girl he sort-of liked (we were all friends first) stayed up with him in the common room one night while everyone else was studying for their chemistry test the next day to help him craft the perfect break-up email. He wasn’t a bad guy, and I’m sure his girlfriend from back home wasn’t as villainous as he made her out to be, but in the end I don’t remember if he ended up breaking up with her through that email, or did something else.

Later he dated one of my best friends and broke up with her the summer after freshman year with a text, and then basically pretended she didn’t exist for the next three years, so…maybe it was him?

By this episode I’m still not fully in love with Ben, but I totally agree: he’s better when he’s doing things on his own, without the ladies. When Ben’s apartment-mates, especially Sean, get more characterization, Ben starts to be better developed as well. The track star thing seems a bit random, like they were looking for something to give him, but Scott Speedman’s smile…still awesome.

I’m glad Noel ended up telling Felicity, and Felicity showed some strength by loudly berating him in the restaurant, but I can’t fully get on board with Noel/Felicity until he breaks up with that girl. Noel, do the right thing. Their mailroom interaction (‘you’ve never been weirder”) was my favorite, as was Felicity’s pay phone call to Julie to ask her for advice. How cumbersome must it have been to go find a pay phone to ask your friends for advice on a date? Now we can just text it discreetly. Thanks, cell phones.

Also, Brian Krakow. I’m happy he joins the main crew, and watching his story evolve in the next episodes has been really well-written and acted. I like that Julie gets her own storyline apart from the love triangle drama, too. More Pink Power Ranger!

I’m having way too much fun watching this show. I’m so happy you both convinced me of how lovely it is.