I was so pro-Noel, but when he pulled this crap with Hannah…I’m over it, Noel. He either wants to be with Felicity or he doesn’t, there’s no dream scenario where he can hang out at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and his current girlfriend is going to be okay with that. I really have no idea what he was thinking (except that Jennifer Garner is super-pretty. I get it)

I loved that Felicity made a choice to go hang out with the mysterious and kinda sexy art student (also, that art studio has gorgeous lighting. go you, college!) and actively pursue someone, but in the end I wish she had chosen to have sex with the art student because she wanted to, not as a reaction to a break-up and feeling upset with Noel. I’m still glad she went and did what she wanted to do, though, because I felt like when she was with Noel she sometimes disappeared into what he wanted her to be.

Yay for Ben, who gets a hobby, and also is working with Felicity! To me, he takes on a whole new life in the back half of the season, which is nice because I think I finally started to understand him as a character better.