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Who Plays Ace In One Piece Live Action? [Cast Rumors]

The debate is heating up about who might be playing Ace in the live-action version of One Piece. Fans are heavily speculating on one actor. Who might it be?

Ace, whose full name is Portgas D. Ace, is a very important character in the One Piece story.

He grew up under the care of Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and the Dadan Family on Dawn Island.

Eventually, Ace set off on his own pirate adventure, facing challenges, forming the Spade Pirates, and meeting other important characters in the One Piece world.

Later in his journey, he became part of the Whitebeard Pirates, playing a significant role in the world of piracy.

One Piece fans are super excited about Ace appearing in the live-action version of their beloved series.

Cast Rumors: Who Will Play Ace In One Piece Live Action?

They’re eager to see Ace come to life in One Piece live-action, but a big question mark hangs over who will be chosen to play him.

These fans are known for being really observant and dedicated.

In the past, they’ve actually been pretty good at guessing who would be in the cast for One Piece Season One.

Emery Ace live action
There are a lot of speculations, and the actor Emery seems like he is hinting at something. (Source: Instagram)

So, they’re at it again, trying to solve the mystery of who will play Ace in the live-action adaptation.

One fan believes that actor Emery Kelly might be the one playing Ace. Why? Well, Emery Kelly’s Instagram account is the main clue.

He’s followed by Iñaki, the actor who plays Monkey D. Luffy, and Mat Owens, the show’s producer.

Emery also has Ace as his profile picture on Instagram, and he often shares posts about Ace. He’s even commenting on Iñaki’s posts.

It could all be a coincidence, but many fans believe there’s more to it and that Emery Kelly could really be taking on the role of Ace.

This situation is pretty similar to what happened when they were casting Nami in Season One.

Ace Emery insta
Looks like many of the fans are ahead of the speculations. (Source: Instagram)

Before officially announcing who would play Nami, fans noticed that Emily Rudd, a potential cast member, had Nami as her Instagram profile picture.

Emily was also often seen with Matt Owens, another important person involved in the show.

At first, people thought it was just a coincidence because Emily and Matt are friends, and Emily loves anime.

And later, she indeed was a live-action Nami for the series. This shows that the fans have a knack for getting things right.

One Piece: Scripts Done & Fans Speculating On Ace’s Role

Some might say it’s too early to conclude since there hasn’t been an official announcement.

However, Marty Adelstein, another big-shot producer of the show, recently said that all the scripts for the series are already complete.

That suggests they’re working quickly to bring the One Piece story to life.

Ace live action
It seems like makers are trying to keep the secret till the very last moment. (Source: Instagram)

In the end, fans wonder who will play Ace in One-piece live-action.

The show’s makers haven’t given us the official answer yet, but that hasn’t stopped One Piece fans from trying to figure it out.

Emery Kelly looks like a strong candidate based on these intriguing hints from social media.

But fans are still keeping their eyes peeled for any official announcements.

No matter who they choose, it’s clear that the excitement for this highly-anticipated series just keeps growing.

Fans can’t wait to see their favorite characters on the small screen, and for now, Ace’s live-action identity remains a mystery.

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