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Is Alba Baptista Pregnant: Perhaps A Reason For Marriage?

After a long, committed relationship, Alba Baptista and Chris Evans finally tied the knot, but netizens could not turn a blind eye to her pregnant rumors. Could her pregnancy be the actual reason for their wedding?

Alba Baptista is a talented Portuguese actress born on July 10, 1997. She started her acting journey with a show called Jardins Proibidos.

She attended a German school while growing up in Portugal. At around 15 years old, she decided that acting was her thing.

The big break came when Alba was just 16. She bagged the lead role in a short Miami film by Simão Cayatte.

She won the Best Actress Award at the Festival Ibérico de Ciné for the role.

After starring in the Netflix series Warrior Nun, Alba was finally introduced to the international audience.

But the actress, Alba Baptista, is now making headlines for her marriage with Chris Evans, fueling her pregnant rumor more than ever.

Is Alba Baptista Pregnant? Her Secret Wedding With Chris Evans

The pregnancy rumors started surfacing on the internet as the revelation came out about her marriage with Chris Evans.

Yes! You heard it right! Chris Evans, who fought supervillain Thanos along with the rest of his Marvel heroes, finally said his vows to the 26-year-old young actress this year.

Alba Baptista Pregnant
Both Alba and Chris look quite younger than their actual age. (Source: Instagram)

They had a very private wedding that his co-star Robert Downey Jr. also attended.

The netizens started speculating that Alba and Chris might have decided to tie the knot after Alba’s rumored pregnancy.

The rumors are fueling even more after fans started looking out for Chris’s old interviews.

According to his old interview, Chris has always been very open about wanting to have kids in his future and build a large family.

While it might be true that both Chris and Alba have finally decided to start a family, we cannot be sure unless they reveal it.

Some fans think that Alba is still very young, unlike Chris.

Many are quite unsure if the 42-year-old actor making the 26-year-old actress Alba Baptista pregnant is a good idea.

Alba Baptista Warrior Nun
Alba Baptista has got the most beautiful features. (Source: Instagram)

They still want to see more of Alba on the screen, especially after her big Hollywood debut In the series Warrior Nun.

Many people also think that the rumors about Alba Baptista being pregnant are true, which could be the reason for the couple to tie the knot.

Alba and Chris both have spoken up about being traditional values while growing up.

So, the speculations about them trying to get married before she gives birth may or may not hold some truth to it.

Could Pregnancy Be the Reason for Chris and Alba’s Sudden Wedding?

Before making assumptions, we know the couple has been dating for a while. So, the marriage after a serious date seems rational without pregnancy news.

There has been news that they were extremely serious about each other from the beginning of their relationship.

Chris has been said to have been very committed to this relationship with the Portuguese actress.

Chris and Alba
Chris and Alba look adorable in a selfie shared by the actor on February 14. (Source: Instagram)

They were openly roaming around the city of New York at the beginning of the year, looking extremely in love.

Chris and Alba might have decided to make it official, with or without the pregnancy.

They both are very successful actors and could provide an extraordinary life for their kids if they are having one.

While the stars have not validated the Alba Baptista pregnant rumors, their fans would be really happy to know the truth.

The fans are already loving the pictures that have been surfacing on the internet of their private wedding.

Especially those with the Other Marvel stars enjoying the wedding, looking absolutely amazing.

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