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Who Is Missing Boy Alex Batty Father? Mother Melanie Batty

Alex Batty, who went missing in 2017 has been a hot topic since he was found in France. After his appearance, people started to show much interest in his family and now are wondering about who is the father of Alex Batty.

Alex, along with his mother, Melanie Batty, and grandfather, David Batty, went on vacation on September 30, 2017.

They had their flight to Malaga and stayed in the Benahavis area near Marbella.

However, police believed that they were heading towards Melilla in Morocco via Malaga.

When Alex was eleven years old and eight days into his trip on October 8, 2017, his mother reported him missing.

He was eventually located in December 2023 in France by a medical student.

Moreover, being found after six years, people started to show their attention towards Alex Batty father and his family.

Details About Alex Batty Father Remain Unknown At This Time

Although his mother and grandfather’s names are public, the whereabouts of Alex Batty father are still unknown.

Most reports surrounding his disappearance and rediscovery focus on his mother and grandfather, with whom he went on holiday and never returned.

Alex Batty in his mushroom cut hairstyle.
Alex was 11 years old when he was reported as a missing person. (Source: NyPost)

It’s possible that the father of Alex Batty may not been involved in raising him, as his legal guardian was his grandmother.

Additionally, Alex’s mother and grandfather haven’t been cooperative with authorities, so details about Alex’s family history remain obscure.

We can only hope that further details regarding Alex’s father will surface as the matter gets deeper into the investigation.

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Alex Mother Moved Back and Forth For Search Of Her Son

After getting significant media attention many started raising the question about Melanie. Six years ago Melanie was 43 years old making her 49 in 2023.

The details regarding what Melanie does are also behind bars to date. However, further investigation may lead to some conclusions.

Alex batty giving a cute simile on the photo.
Alex has never been to school but is an intelligent boy. (Source: Instagram)

The report included that six years ago, while they were on the run, she lived like a nomad, going around Spain and France with Alex and her dad.

Further, Melanie’s action hypothesizes for several potential reasons.

There’s a thought that Melanie might have felt left out by Alex’s dad and worried about losing custody, so she took him away.

The other speculated reason may be Melanie and Alex’s dad didn’t see eye to eye on how to raise or educate him, so she decided to handle things herself.

We cannot conclude the case at this time as it is still under observation and there is a lot more information to come out.

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Alex Immediately Contacted His Grandmother When He Had An Access

His grandfather, David Batty, played a pivotal role in the case, as he was the one who was with Alex and his mother.

While details are unclear, it seems Keith might have helped in Alex’s disappearance. We’re not sure if he made the choice or just supported Melanie because of family loyalty.

Additionally, according to French prosecutor Antoine Leroy, Batty’s grandpa, David Batty, passed away around six months ago.

Alex with his mother and grandfather.
The authorities suspect Alex’s mother and grandmother in connection with his disappearance. (Source: The Independent)

Alex’s grandmother, Rita Batty, was Alex’s legal guardian before his disappearance.

It appears Melanie did not have primary custody of Alex before 2017. Rita held that responsibility.

Details about Alex’s reunion with Rita are not widely available. Still, she probably made a big difference in helping him reintegrate into society.

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