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Alex Batty Wikipedia: Missing Boy Found In France Now

Many people are interested in the Wikipedia of Alex Batty who disappeared when he was 11 years old and is finally found after six years. Let’s know more about him!

Alex Batty is a British boy from Fitton Hill, Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK. 

We know, the boy disappeared on October 13, 2017, when he was just 11 years old.

In fact, it was the time when he went on a holiday in Spain with his mother and grandfather.

Besides, they were not allowed to be with Alex at the time due to domestic difficulties.

Eventually, police launched an investigation after discovering that the family had not returned from Spain.

After his disappearance, he had spent days hiking through the mountains and villages, including Quillan, in the upper Aude Valley.

Later, fortunately, a motorist discovered Alex near Toulouse, France, and took him to the police station.

Nevertheless, after he was found, many people are eagerly waiting to know about his life during those 6 years through the Wikipedia of Alex Batty. But does he have one?

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Alex Batty Wikipedia: Early Life and Parents

Even after the disappearance for six years, Alex Batty was able to return successfully.

Furthermore, the boy was born on February 13, 2006, and is currently 17 years old.

His birthplace is Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK, and he holds British citizenship.

Since his birth, he has been a follower of the Christian religion and belongs to white ethnicity.

Regarding qualifications, the information related to his educational background is not available until now.

Likewise, Alex might not have attended any school during the time of his disappearance. 

Alex Batty using a mobile phone
Alex Batty escaped from a rural community in the Pyrenees. (Source: BBC News)

Moreover, talking about his family, his mother is Melanie Batty, and the information about his father is still behind the curtains.

Similarly, there are no details available about his siblings.

In addition, his grandparents were David Batty and Susan Caruana. Further, his grandmother was his legal guardian.

Nonetheless, people are waiting to hear about the struggling life of Alex Batty but his Wikipedia is not available. 

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Alex Batty Found Alive In France

Fortunately, after six years of disappearance, French motorist, Fabien Accidini discovered Alex Batty in Haute-Garonne, near Toulouse, France.

Therefore, he noticed the boy walking in the rain with a skateboard, a jacket, a backpack, and a flashlight.

Fortunately, Fabrien rescued him from the side of the road near the Pyrenees foothills.

After the rescue, the rescuer mentioned that Alex’s mother kidnapped the boy in 2017.

Additionally, he said that Alex lived in France for the past two years in a spiritual community.

Alex Batty smiling at the camera
Alex Batty suffered the complexity and hardships in life during his vanishment. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the missing boy revealed publicly that he had been living in the remote Pyrenean valleys on the France-Spain border.

Also, Alex explained about his wandering for four days after running from his home in the Pyrenean Valley.

Thus, his plan was to reach a large city with an embassy to seek aid.

Therefore, Alex finally managed to contact his grandmother through Facebook.

Thus, their communication played a crucial role in revealing that he disappeared for many years.

Alex Batty in an interview with Skynews
Alex Betty disappeared six years ago. (Source: Sky News)

Moreover, according to the Toulouse public prosecutor’s office, the family confirmed the boy’s identity and is returning home in the coming days.

Importantly, despite the complexity and emotional weight of his life story, his resilience and determination offer a glimmer of hope.

Everyone wanted to know about his tale full of the human spirit strength but Alex Batty does not have a Wikipedia page.

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