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Does Alexandra Breckenridge Have New Tattoos On Finger? Meaning And Design

With the release of the latest season of Virgin Rivers, fans are curious to learn more about the lead actress, Alexandra Breckenridge, including her new finger tattoos.

Born in 1981 in Connecticut, USA, Alexandra Breckenridge is an American actress and voice artist.

She started her career with a supporting role in the teen comedy Big Fat Liar in 2002.

Since then, Alexandra has appeared in She’s the Man, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and This is Us.

Similarly, she has voiced many characters in the TV show Family Guy.

Since 2019, Alexandra has starred as Mel Monroe in the Netflix series Virgin River.

With the series igniting interest with its new season, fans can’t help but wonder about the tattoos of Alexandra Breckenridge, including the ones on her finger.

Does Alexandra Breckenridge Have New Tattoos On Finger?

The Virgin River star, Alexandra, is known for her acting range, but not many know about her tattoos.

The number of tattoos that Alexandra has is surprisingly hard to count, as she’s showing them off less and less after becoming a parent.

Alexandra Breckenridge has five primary tattoos and a small one on her hands between her fingers, visible in Virgin River season 5, episode 7.

However, she only shows her tattoos during award shows and other events away from the film sets.

Alexandra Breckenridge during shooting of her Netflix show
Alexandra on the set of Virgin River (Source: Instagram)

Fans have spotted Alexandra’s tattoos on her Instagram in personal photos, ranging from her shoulders to her toes.

Even Alexandra’s husband, Casey Hooper, seems to be a tattoo lover with distinct ones on his arms.

Over the years, Alexandra has kept the tattoos covered during work as the characters she plays usually don’t have one.

However, her character in The Walking Dead, Jessie Anderson, had a few tattoos behind her ears, arm, and elbow.

Fans identified those as a whale, an owl, and a crown but still await an official description.

However, the new tattoo spotted on Alexandra Breckenridge’s fingers is challenging to identify or notice. It can be seen only with keen eyes.

As for her other tattoos, fans have always wondered about the meaning and story behind the work of art.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s Tattoos: Meaning And Design

It is unconfirmed how many tattoos Alexandra has, but according to The List, she has at least five that everyone seems to know of.

Alexandra has the letter ‘N’ with a flourish design on the back of her shoulder. Initially, it was a fairy, but she covered it to include the letter.

Even though the actress has never addressed it, the letter N could probably honor her mother, Nan Breckenridge, who passed away in 2010.

Further, Alexandra’s second tattoo is a swirl on her shoulder that looks like a triskelion.

Alexandra with Melinda during Golden globes award show
Alexandra with a triskelion tattoo on her arm(Source: Instagram)

This tattoo hints at the spiritual side of the actress as triskelion represents life, death, and rebirth.

Another visible tattoo Alexandra has is of a fairy with a pointy ear on her calf. Fairy tattoos are mostly related to magic and playfulness, which presents a new side of the Netflix star.

Moreover, Alexandra has a small crown on her forearm, but its meaning has not been shared.

Similarly, the actress recently shared pictures of a spider tattoo on her toes. The spider species is unclear, but it seems like a black widow, representing a strong woman.

Alexandra is responsible for creating the tattoos and determining what they signify to her.

She has also expressed her interest in making more tattoos in the future.

Furthermore, it seems to make sense that she expresses herself creatively, as she has an interest in photography.

All the tattoos of Alexandra are subtle and seem like a way for the actress to express her personality.

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