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Alina Page Kids: What Happened To Them After Her Suicide?

After the suicide of Alina Page, people were concerned about her kids, and all the media were involved in collecting information about them. Let’s find out what happened to them.

Alina Page is a Russian mom of two children who died at the age of 35 by attempting suicide.

It was the time when she was living with her surgeon husband, Brian Page.

Moreover, Alina leaped to her death by jumping off from a ritzy Manhattan apartment building.

Her dead body was found outside Brittany after plunging from the roof.

Additionally, various sources found that she ran from her $7,500-a-month apartment after an argument with her husband.

Nevertheless, after the suicide of Alina Page, people wanted to know about her kids and searched for information about them on various social media platforms.

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Who Was Alina Page? Wikipedia Details

Starting from her birthplace, Alina Page is originally from Russia. So, people call her a Russian mother-of-two.

Further, the young parent frequently posted images of herself with her two young children on Facebook.

Sad to say, in a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on December 14, Alina Page lost her life after falling from the roof of her luxury apartment building.

In addition, multiple sources confirmed that Alina lived in the luxurious building, which runs a private shuttle to the subway every 30 minutes.

Alina Page taking selfie with her husband Brian
On the night of her suicide, Alina Page ran from the couple’s $7,500-a-month apartment. (Source: Daily Mail)

The incident occurred following a disagreement with her Orthopedic surgeon husband, Brian Page, as per the New York Post.

But, it is still not clear what the pair were arguing about.

Unfortunately, Alina was discovered with critical injuries outside Brittany, according to the NYPD.

Moreover, her injuries were consistent with a fall, and there were no signs of criminality in the death.

But still, the investigation into the incident is continuing.

Also, some initial reports described her as clinging to life after finding her on the sidewalk of her ritzy neighborhood.

Alina Page posing with her husband Brian
Friends and neighbors of Alina Page regarded her as a devoted wife and mother. (Source: Daily Mail)

Furthermore, police confirmed that her injuries were due to a fall from an elevated height.

Immediately after the incident, she was rushed to the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell.

But, sadly, doctors pronounced her dead on arrival after succumbing to her injuries.

After the death of Alina Page, most of the people were concerned about her kids and their life.

However, there are no details about her kids’ identity and current situation.

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Family Of Alina Page After Her Demise: Husband And Kids

Alina Page has not shared any information related to her past relationship. But we know she married a surgeon, Brian Page, in 2007.

Also, she often posted about her love for her new home in New York and shared sweet snaps of her beaming family.

Meanwhile, the young mother, Alina Page, had two kids from her husband Brian, a daughter and a son.

She moved to the Big Apple with her husband and their children from Temple, Texas, in 2021.

Alina Page celebrating Christmas with her family
Alina Page leaped from the roof of Brittany after the disagreement with her husband. (Source: Daily Mail)

Therefore, the sweet and joyful family appeared to live a luxurious life.

Seeing the young mom’s social media filled with smiling family photos with her husband and their child was so good.

But, due to the sudden suicide of Alina Page, the life of her husband and kids changed totally into darkness.

After this incident, there are no details about her kids’ condition and their living.

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