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Alinity Wikipedia, Age, Real Name: Meet The Twitch Streamer

A captivating presence has taken over social media, leaving audiences intrigued about the enigmatic Twitch streamer Alinity, prompting fervent searches for her Wikipedia page. Who is she? Let’s get into more details!

Colombian OnlyFans model, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Alinity is known for gaming in World of Warcraft and Apex Legends.

She gained fame through her live streaming channel, Alinity, named after World of Warcraft, her frequently played and broadcasted game.

In a short span, she garnered millions of fans on her Twitch live-streaming platform.

Moreover, the Twitch personality has faced various controversies, including instances related to nudity and accusations of animal cruelty.

Further, Alinity has become a renowned figure in the online world, known for stirring up trouble.

This has led to a demand for a dedicated Wikipedia page for Alinity.

Alinity Wikipedia And Age: Is Alinity Her Real Name?

Despite being a popular Twitch streamer, Alinity has no Wikipedia page yet.

Yet, here is some information about her personal and professional life that could be included on Alinity Wikipedia page.

Alinity is a nurse dress.
Alinity doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page as of 2023. (Source: Twitter)

Natalia Mogollon, popularly known as Alinity, was born on January 10, 1988, in Cali, Columbia, making her 35 years old.

In a combined broadcast with fellow streamer Mizkif on August 5, 2020, Alinity disclosed facts about her private life before she became well-known on Twitch.

There, she revealed her tough pre-Internet life, including her father’s drug cartel arrest and a near-death experience from an eating disorder.

…my dad went to prison when I was like 9 because he was involved with the cartel in a way. My parents separated right after that, then I developed an eating disorder.

With a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Divine has worked as a nurse for over four years.

Alinity in a crop top and blue denim.
In 2013, Alinity launched her YouTube channel, one year after she launched her Twitch channel. (Source: Twitter)

She commenced streaming on social media platforms in 2012, with her Twitch account officially created in 2014.

Through her captivating streams, Alinity has amassed a sizable following and emerged as a major player in the online space.

Alinity uploaded her first YouTube video in April 2013 and gained recognition for her broadcasting skills through Apex Legends gameplay streams.

Furthermore, on March 3, 2021, she entered the realm of cooking content, broadening the scope of her content creation.

Despite facing controversies, Alinity’s career stirs curiosity, compelling individuals to seek information on her Wikipedia page.

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Alinity Divine Controversies And Career

Amid her growing fame, Alinity has encountered various controversies during her career.

She sparked controversy in a heated exchange with PewDiePie, who criticized her for racially insensitive remarks in one of his videos.

The PewDiePie-Alinity controversy resurfaced on Reddit in September 2020.

She messaged him privately, urging people to move on from the incident.

Alinity in purple shorts and white top
She also created an OnlyFans account in 2023. (Source: Twitter)

In 2019, Alinity was accused of mistreating her pets, notably her cat, after viewers saw her throwing the cat during a livestream.

An old clip surfaced where Alinity allegedly fed her cat vodka during a stream.

She claimed intoxication as the reason for her cat licking her lips.

Furthermore, accusations arose that she uttered the N-word on stream in August 2019.

Some defended her, citing her accent making a similar sound.

Natalia Mogollon in Greece.
Alinity Divine owns two cats: Milo and Maya. (Source: Twitter)

In April 2020, during a stream, Alinity had a wardrobe malfunction while attempting to fit a pillow under her shirt.

This upset many people, leading them to call for her ban due to her behavior.

Alinity has faced numerous controversies despite her social status, sparking ongoing discussions and debates within the online community.

As of 2023, estimates suggest Alinity possesses a net worth of around $1 million US dollars.

Even still people are still looking for Alinity on Wikipedia because of the effort she puts in front of her audience.

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