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Is Alix Earle Pregnant? TikTok Star Baby Bump Rumor

As the baby bump rumors spread, many wondered if Alix Earle was pregnant. Find out the truth further down the article.

Alix Earle is a well-known American social media personality who shines on TikTok.

By August 2023, she had gathered over five million followers, earning titles like TikTok’s “It Girl” and “Hot Best Friend.”

This recognition comes from her famous “Get Ready With Me” videos, where she candidly discusses her personal life.

She has such an influence that the brand she endorses has enormous boosting sales. This has even been referred to as the “Alix Earle effect.”

Recently, fans have begun wondering if Alix Earle was pregnant, as baby bump rumors have been circulating online.

Is Alix Earle Pregnant? TikTok Star Baby Bump Rumor

There has been a rumor in the community that Alix Earle might be pregnant.

However, the rumor remains uncertain.

Fans might have started the rumors because of the slight bump in her recent pictures.

But that doesn’t confirm that Alix Earle is pregnant. Also, Alix hasn’t come out and said she is expecting a baby.

So, it’s highly likely that she isn’t pregnant or having a baby. The bump also isn’t that clear, either.

Alix Earle before her haircut
Alix Earle is the daughter of businessman Thomas Earle (Source: Instagram)

Her current boyfriend, Braxton Berrios, also hasn’t said anything about the matter.

Similarly, her ex-boyfriend, MLB star Tyler Wade, hasn’t said much about Alix being pregnant or her past pregnancies.

One of her close friends, Alexandra Pohl, whom she met at the University of Miami and attended college together, hasn’t responded to these rumors either.

Thus, unless Alix herself confirms the speculation, it will only remain a rumor and nothing more.

It’s also possible that Alix Earle might be hiding her pregnancy from the public, but that possibility is unlikely.

Though considering her age, she might get a child in the future.

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Alix Earle Hooked Up With Braxton Berrios Before?

Alix Earle has been in the spotlight lately because of the alleged hook-up with her current boyfriend, Braxton Berrios, while he was in a relationship with Sophia Culpo.

These rumors started because of Sophia’s cryptic posts on Instagram that further fueled the rumors.

However, Alix Earle wants to clarify that she had nothing to do with the breakup of Braxton Berrios and Sophia Culpo.

Alix Earle walking with sunglasses on
Alix Earle’s mother was cheated on (Source: Instagram)

In a recent Call Her Daddy podcast episode, Alix said that the ‘mistress’ label upset her.

She explained that she and the 27-year-old NFL star only began dating after he and Sophia, 26, had parted ways.

During the podcast with Alex Cooper, the social media star was asked, “Can you confirm, were you hooking up with Berrios when he was in a relationship?’

Alix quickly replied,

It is so triggering even to hear you say that… I spent my childhood basically thinking that this is the worst thing you could do to another human. So why the f*** would I do that?

It’s worth noting that Alix’s father, TJ, the CEO of The Earle Companies, had his share of public attention in 2008 due to a high-profile breakup.

Reports surfaced that he was having an affair while married to Alix’s mom, Alisa.

Soon, it became clear that he was seeing Ashley Dupre, an escort who played a part in a scandal with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, resulting in Eliot’s resignation from office.

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