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Is Amber Laign Suffering From Hair Loss: Real Hair Or A Wig?

Amber Laign and Robin Roberts recently got married, and the pictures have concerned fans that Amber might be suffering from hair loss. Find out the truth further down the article.

Amber Laign is a familiar face mostly known for her relationship with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.

Born on September 6, 1974, Amber Laign is currently 48 years old. She has consistently been there for Robin Roberts, supporting her through various life events.

She originally hailed from California but later settled in Lebanon, New Jersey, where she spent her childhood.

Her parents, Paul and Andrea Laign, supported her during her early years and education. She attended Round Valley Middle School and eventually graduated from Clayton Valley.

Now, at the age of 48, Amber has built a successful career and a loving partnership.

But what has kept many fans curious is whether Amber Laign is suffering from hair loss.

Is Amber Laign Suffering From Hair Loss?

Many have begun to theorize that Amber Laign might be suffering from hair loss by looking at her recent pictures.

However, there’s no substantial evidence to back up this claim.

But like many women in their 40s, she might likely have suffered at least some hair loss.

Amber Laign getting married
Amber Laign and Robin Roberts’s marriage day (Source: Instagram)

Generally speaking, hair loss becomes more frequent as women hit their 40s and 50s. In many cases, this hair loss is genetic.

Additionally, when menopause arrives, they might experience hot flashes, and hair loss could worsen.

Alongside genetics and hormonal changes, the consequences of specific hair care routines may also become evident during these years.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, around 40% of women suffer from visible hair loss by the time they reach 40 years of age.

So, the rumor that Amber Laign is suffering from hair loss might be true, though the hair loss may be lower than made out.

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Is Amber Laign’s Hair Real Or A Wig?

The answer remains undisclosed to the public on whether Amber Laign has natural hair or just a wig.

Modern techniques and technology have made it hard to differentiate between natural hair and a wig.

Wigs have become more and more realistic with each passing year, so it’s hard to tell just from the looks of it.

But if Amber Laign suffered from substantial hair loss, she may be wearing a wig.

Amber and Robin smiling
Amber Laign and her wife Robin Roberts together smiling (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Robin Roberts has been open about Amber’s health challenges. She has shared Amber’s battle with breast cancer and her radiation treatments.

So, that might have also caused Amber Laign some hair loss.

If that’s the case, then the probability that she is wearing a wig becomes higher. She might not have said it to the public not to embarrass herself.

But it’s unlikely that Amber Laign is wearing a wig.

If we look at her old and recent pictures, it’s clear that her hair has always been blonde.

So, it supports the statement that she has natural hair rather than a wig.

There’s also no way she wouldn’t disclose it to the public if she is wearing a wig because Robin has been open about sharing Amber’s health struggle and being in an open, same-sex marriage.

There’s also a chance that Amber has always worn such blonde wigs or switched to a wig in the middle to match her natural hair. Nothing is sure until she accepts the rumor.

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