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Is Anderson Cooper Jewish? US Journalist’s Religion And Ethnicity

After Anderson Cooper maintained his silence on the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad’s opinion on Gaza, many speculate if the CNN correspondent is Jewish. So, what’s the truth? Let’s explore his religion here!

Anderson Hays Cooper is an American broadcast journalist and political commentator.

Beginning his journalism career in the early 1990s, Anderson has come a long way. To this date, he has been awarded 18 Emmy awards for his work.

He currently anchors the CNN news broadcasts Anderson Cooper 360° and 60 Minutes on CBS News.

In his recent episode, he interviewed Israeli intelligence member Mossad, and during the interview, he stayed indifferent when the guest referred to the population of Gaza as Hamas.

With this, many wonder if Anderson Cooper has some connection with the Jewish community.

Is Anderson Cooper Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity 

Journalists are often questioned about their religion due to the variety of topics that they cover daily in their news channels.

In this case, Anderson Cooper is also facing speculations about his belief, as many wonder if he is Jewish.

However, contrary to rumors, Anderson Cooper is not Jewish, as he describes himself as agnostic.

Anderson Cooper pictured in a black glasses and grey hair
Cooper belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. (Source: Instagram)

He, in fact, does not adhere strictly to any particular religious rituals despite his upbringing in a Catholic household.

Further, the CNN correspondent rarely discusses his faith in public and steers away from the conversation. As a result, people are confused about his religious beliefs.

The confusion about his faith can be the result of his comment on Donald Trump’s anti-semitic comments.

Further, his recent failed attempts to challenge the comments about Gaza’s civilians fueled the speculations of Anderson Cooper being Jewish.

At the time, many criticized Cooper as he kept moving on with his interview despite the guest’s claim that the people of Gaza voted for Hamas.

However, netizens quickly pointed out that Gaza has not had an election since 2006.

Anderson pictured for his for his podcast cover
Anderson Cooper is a New York native. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the viewers were curious about Cooper’s ethnicity to know his family’s roots.

Cooper is American by nationality and comes from a rich mix of European and Latin American heritage.

He also hails from the influential Vanderbilt family, which helped him build a successful career.

Regardless of questions about his religion and ethnicity, Cooper remains one of the most influential TV personalities.

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Challenges That Anderson Cooper Faced While His Rise To Fame 

Anderson Cooper’s journey in journalism is painted with several challenges and hurdles along the way, though he comes from an elite family.

Born on June 3, 1967, Anderson got an exposure to the media world as a child.  

A renowned photographer, Diane Arbus, photographed him then for Harper’s Bazaar.

He was just three years old when he appeared on the American late-night show The Tonight Show.

At the time, it seemed like he would have a luxurious life. However, the death of his father filled him with significant loss and grief when he was 11.

His father died during his open-heart surgery. He had gone through several series of heart attacks.

Anderson taking selfie with his partner
Anderson Cooper has won several awards for his TV contributions. (Source: Instagram)

However, the journalist takes his father’s book Families as a guide to living his life and making choices.

When Anderson turned 21, he again went through another significant loss following his older brother’s death, and that was the point when he sparked his interest in journalism.

To express the loss and the challenges he faced in his early years, he joined a youth-oriented news program on Channel One.

By this means, he navigated his career in media and later went on to make a big name for himself.

He didn’t stick as a journalist only but ventured as an author as well.

He has authored books entitled Dispatches from the Edge and The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

His books landed on multiple best-seller lists in the year of its publication.

Along with his authorship and his job at CNN network, Anderson has started an All There Are podcast series that talks about the grief and loss, one goes through.

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