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Is Andrew Arulanandam Indian? Wikipedia Of NRA New President

Andrew Arulanandam has taken Wayne LaPierre’s place as interim CEO of NRA, and people are wondering if he is Indian by ethnicity. Let’s explore.

Andrew Arulanandam is the current interim CEO and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

He got the position in NRA after the resignation of the ex-NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre.

He has been working for the NRA for a long time now, and throughout the years, he has been a voice for advocacy for gun rights.

Andrew is also very vocal about his take on the Second Amendment law of America.

People now wonder if Andrew Arulanandam is Indian by ethnicity and want to know more about his life and Wikipedia.

The Mystery Of Andrew Arulanandam: Is he Indian?Internet Searches For NRA CEO’s Face

Although the name Andrew Arulanandam is trending all over the internet, the world has yet to see what he looks like.

The NRA has not posted his picture, and there is no account with the name Andrew Arulanandam present on any social media.

It appears that Andrew likes to keep his life private and does not like engaging on social media.

NRA headquaters
NRA is a vital organization in the USA, and it has a big role in controlling gun laws in the country. (Source: Twitter)

Despite his not being active online, some information about him is available.

The reports suggest Andrew Arulanandam is Sri Lankan by ethnicity and not Indian.

His exact age is unknown, but he was born in the United States of America in the late 1970s and raised in the country his whole life.

This makes him a citizen of America, and he has all the rights to work for American government organizations.

Meanwhile, the confusion about Andrew Arulanandam being an Indian came after a post from a Twitter account.

The caption on the post read, “Another Indian CEO; this one different kind! Andrew Arulanandam is the new interim CEO of NRA.”

NRA twiiter
The post on Twitter has more than 3000 views already. (Source: Twitter)

The person who made the post also added a picture of a man, implying that the person is Andrew Arulanandam.

However, the pictures and his claims about Andrew Arulanandam being an Indian were fake.

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Confusion Over NRA Interim CEO Andrew Arulanandam’s Identity On Twitter

The person who made the post on Twitter is receiving backlash for spreading such hoaxes without proper information.

However, others in his comment section say it may have been a silly mistake.

The picture that the person posted claiming the man in the picture to be Andrew was actually of another Sri Lankan professional.

Andrew Arulanandam Indian
We may soon see Andrew Arulanandam on the various NRA pages on the internet. (Source: Twitter)

Upon research, the person in his picture appeared to be Bernard Arulanandam and not Andrew.

Since no pictures of Andrew are present in the media, many are mistaking Bernard for Andrew.

Some people on Twitter even assumed that Bernard may have recently switched to the name Andrew.

However, this is not true, and neither Andrew Arulanandam nor Bernard are Indian.

Many might have concluded that Andrew Arulanandam is Indian because of his last name.

However, the last name Arulanandam is equally popular in India as in Sri Lanka.

Also, it is because India is a big nation, and some parts share roots similar to Sri Lanka’s.

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