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Andy Reid Parents & Siblings: Father Walter & Mother Elizabeth

Following the recent news of Andy Reid to return as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs next season, many of his fans are excited and surging the internet to know about his parents.

Andy Reid has had a distinguished head coaching career spanning more than 20 years in the NFL.

Since 2013, he has coached the Kansas City Chiefs.

Meanwhile, Andy is considered one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history, with a record of producing good quarterbacks and a creative offensive mindset.

He guided his teams to 24 postseason appearances, 6 Super Bowls, and 3 Super Bowl victories throughout his career.

His success on many teams has solidified Andy’s reputation as one of the NFL’s greatest coaches.

Moreover, he continues to win games and titles with the Chiefs as he progresses through his illustrious coaching career.

With this, many people are curious to know about the personal life of Andy Reid, including his parents.

Andy Reid Parents & Siblings: Father Walter & Mother Elizabeth

Many of his fans were inspired to know that both of his parents contributed to the success of Andy Reid.

So, let’s read the following article to learn about the inspiring influence of the parents on Andy Reid.

Andy Reid is the youngest of two children, born on March 19, 1958, in Los Angeles, California.

Andy was born to parents Walter Reid, a scenic artist in the entertainment industry, and Elizabeth Reid, a radiologist.

From a young age, Andy was interested in various sports, including baseball, basketball, and especially football.

By turning 13, Andy had already reached 6 feet 2 inches in height and demonstrated natural athletic abilities.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid’s full name is Andrew Walter Reid. (Source: Twitter)

As the son of an artist, Andy benefited from his father’s instilling creativity and an artistic temperament in him from a young age.

This helped Andy develop innovative and imaginative football plays as a coach.

Likewise, his mother, Elizabeth, influenced Andy’s strong skills in science and analytics.

This analytical thinking allowed him to excel at game strategy as a football coach.

Having parents with diverse backgrounds gave Andy a well-rounded skill set that combined creativity and analytical thinking.

This played a crucial part in his success in the complex world of football coaching.

As a result, his lifelong passion for football and his creative mindset paved the way for Andy’s successful coaching career.

Moreover, he has an older brother named James Reid and an older sister named Susan Reid.

Consequently, no further details are available about his siblings and their personal lives.

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Family Of Andy Reid Also Includes His Wife: Their Relationship

Andy Reid and Tammy met after graduating from Brigham Young University in Utah.

The couple tied the knot on August 8, 1981.

For over 40 years, Tammy has been steadfast to Andy as he pursued his dream of becoming an NFL coach.

Tammy supported Andy and moved with him when the Green Bay Packers hired him as an assistant coach in 1992.

From 1999 until the end of Andy’s long tenure as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, she continued to provide him stability.

When Andy and Tammy faced their tragedies, like losing their son Garrett to a drug overdose in 2012, Tammy was a rock for Andy.

Andy Reid giving speech
Recently, Andy Reid announced that he has no intention of retiring. (Source: Twitter)

Tammy reunited with Andy in 2013 when he was hired as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

She has been there for the Chiefs at every turn, including when they won Super Bowl LIV.

Together, Tammy and Andy are the parents of five children: daughters Drew Ann and Crosby and sons Garrett, Britt, and Spencer.

Tammy has consistently shown Andy love, support, and strength throughout his extensive teaching career.

Though she is no ordinary person, their relationship has reportedly been instrumental in Andy’s success.

After more than 40 years of marriage, they still have a strong marriage.

Moreover, Tammy still encourages Andy to keep winning matches with the Chiefs.

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