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Anna Frey vs Taylor Swift At The Super Bowl: What Happened? Viral TikTok

This year, a very unexpected trend occurred during the big Super Bowl event. Taylor Swift vs Anna Frey was the one thing everyone was talking about. Some are wondering what it was all about. So, let us find out what the fuss is about.

This year, the players and some other celebrities were the main highlights of the Super Bowl.

One of them is Taylor Swift, and it seemed like she had a very fun time witnessing the biggest sports event of the year live.

Along with Taylor Swift, another person who got a lot of attention in the Super Bowl is Anna Frey.

Anna Frey is a TikTok star and tennis player who went viral due to her resemblance with NFL quarterback Brock Purdy.

After their appearances at the Super Bowl, some people are trending Anna Frey vs Taylor Swift after some viral TikTok video.

Taylor Swift Takes Center Stage At Super Bowl: The Anna Frey Vs. Taylor Swift Saga Unfolds

It is not unlikely for various trends to arise the day after the Super Bowl.

This is because it is a very big event with cameras all over the court pointing at big celebrities.

Taylor Swift with boyfriend
Taylor Swift, with her boyfriend Travis Kelcy, looks so happy and in love. (Source: Twitter)

People love watching celebrities enjoying the game like any other normal NFL fan.

The Super Bowl halftime performances also gain a lot of attention for their grand arrangement.

However, Taylor Swift was not one of the performances in the Super Bowl halftime show.

She was there to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelse, and her friends, including actress Blake Lively and Rapper Ice Spice.

Some people on Twitter commented on how Taylor Swift was talked about even more than the game itself.

Some find it hilarious, while others are not happy with it.

According to them, the camera was pointing a lot of time unnecessarily at Taylor Swift.

Anna Frey vs Taylor Swift
Anna Frey looks very cool about the whole Taylor Swift vs her memes and seems to be enjoying it. (Source: Twitter)

However, this was not unexpected; people on the Internet were already speculating that it would happen.

People had started making memes about it before the Super Bowl. And one of the popular memes was the Anna Frey vs. Taylor Swift meme.

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Anna Frey Emerges As Unlikely Challenger to Travis Kelse and Taylor Swift After A Viral Tiktok

Some were even saying that Anna Frey is the last hope at stopping Travis Kelse and Taylor Swift from taking all the attention from the game.

Anna Frey, who became viral in Tiktok for reassembling an NFL quarterback, was also all over the Internet.

Anna Frey holding a sign
Anna Frey holding a sign was also very funny; people loved her humorous take on the trend. (Source: Twitter)

It was because she had announced that she was attending the big game with her mother and friends.

Similar to Taylor Swift, Anna also grabbed a lot of attention in this stadium.

Anna Frey humorously also made a sign saying, “Only I can stop Taylor now,” which she showed before attending the game.

It is fascinating how the two have indirectly created a Taylor Swift vs. Anna Frey trend on the Internet.

This random Anna Frey vs Taylor Swift trend has created a lighthearted moment between the fans of various groups participating in the Super Bowl.

While we know that Anna Frey knows about this funny trend, Taylor Swift has not made any statements about it.

If the singer does know about it, she probably finds it just as funny as we do.

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