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Anuar Zidan Wikipedia, Age: Maity Interiano Novio (Husband)

As Maity Interiano announced her pregnancy, questions have risen about the personal details and Wikipedia of her husband, Anuar Zidan. Learn more about the influential personality further in the article.

Maity Interiano is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor for Univision Noticiero Univision.

She has contributed to bringing entertaining and engaging content through the TV channel.

Further, her works have left a remarkable impression in the reporting world.

The journalist has served as one of the hosts for shows like Despierte America and Ediciones Nosturna.

Besides her professional life, Maity has built a healthy lifestyle with her husband, Anuar Zidan.

However, partly due to their private nature, netizens’ interest has shifted to details of Anuar Zidan as they search for his Wikipedia.

Anuar Zidan Wikipedia, Age (Edad): Meet Maity Interiano Novio (Husband)

The Mexican-American businessman and journalist Anuar Zidan was born on January 22, which is crucial information for his Wikipedia.

He spent his early life in his home country, Mexico, but later migrated to New York due to his father’s job.

However, due to a lack of exact birth details, the age (edad) of Anuar Zidan cannot be estimated.

Anuar Zidan and his wife
Anuar also has a wine company. (Source: Instagram)

But, many have speculated that his age could be between 35 and 40 as of 2023.

Meanwhile, Anuar developed a passion for journalism and content creation after moving to the States.

As for his studies, he attended Seton Hall University for a degree in broadcasting, journalism, and film.

Moreover, Anuar started his career in journalism as a news desk and production intern at CNBC.

While at the company, the creative mind also played the role of production intern at Closing Bell.

Similarly, he continued to push forward, which resulted in a list of experiences for the Wikipedia of Anuar Zidan.

Meanwhile, Anuar has also worked as an executive producer of Pirate Television at his university.

His biggest achievement is being a news producer, editing coordinator, and assistant.

Anuar Zidan
Anuar has contributed a lot to journalism. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises hired Anuar for his talent and creative energy.

Later, he founded his company, Zidan Wines, and currently acts as the president and co-founder.

Anuar is also a news producer at Univision Communications Inc. in Miami, Florida.

Over his remarkable career, the talented producer met Maity Interiano, with whom he has been married since September.

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Tears Of Happiness: Maity Interiano Shares Her Love Story With Zidan

The beautiful bond of Anuar Zidan and Maity Interiano cannot go unnoticed in this Wikipedia article.

Anuar had just joined the Univision group as a producer when he was paired up with Maity for work.

Further, she presented news with Elian Zidan, Anuar’s brother, so the interaction between the two was natural.

Anuar Zidan proposes to Maity
Their engagement was a surprise for Maity. (Source: Instagram)

Before meeting Anuar, Maity knew what she sought in the man of her dreams.

Moreover, her manifestations came true as Anuar was the perfect match for the journalist.

Meanwhile, Maity talked about their marriage during their relationship to test the loyalty of Anuar.

And it seems Anuar passed it as Anuar surprised the journalist with a marriage proposal and an engagement party on February 11, 2023.

Further, the event held at Satcha Pretto’s house hosted some of their closest friends and family.

Anuar poses with his wife
The couple are expecting their first child. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Anuar and Maity publicly display their affection for each other through their social media.

After their engagement, the duo married in 2023, followed by a religious ceremony.

Similarly, they celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage, which the Catholic Church offered.

Recently, Maity announced her pregnancy through her Instagram, which was a surprise for many.

Moreover, followers are excited for the next chapter in Anuar and Maity’s relationship.

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