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Ariana Madix Baby Rumor: Is Vanderpump Rules Cast Pregnant?

With so many other Vanderpump Rules babies on the way, fans wonder if they will get to meet the baby of Ariana Madix soon, especially after so many rumors regarding her relationship.

Ariana Madix is an American television personality, actress, model, and author.

She stars as a cast member on the Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules.

Known for her dynamic presence on reality TV, Ariana has explored various fields, showcasing her versatility.

In addition to her reality show stardom, Ariana has demonstrated her mixology skills as a bartender, creating alcoholic beverages with expertise.

Her natural charisma and beauty have contributed to her diverse skill set, gracing various projects.

Moreover, Ariana’s role on Vanderpump Rules has sparked interest in her personal life.

For quite some time, people have been curious about her marital status and whether Ariana Madix plans on having a baby.

Does Ariana Madix Have A Baby? Her Opinion About Children

Ariana and her former partner, Tom Sandoval, shared a close bond that had been a significant part of her journey on Vanderpump Rules.

During this time, fans have persistently speculated about the possibility of Ariana and her former partner, Tom Sandoval, having a child together.

Moreover, rumors about Ariana being pregnant have circulated for a long time. However, each time, they have turned out to be false.

Ariana mirror selfie showing bloated belly.
Ariana Madix playfully addresses pregnancy rumors (Source: Us Weekly)

Despite the ongoing speculation, there has been no confirmation of Ariana Madix having a baby to date.

While several of Ariana’s fellow cast members have announced pregnancies, people were excited to learn the news of Ariana Madix’s pregnancy.

The rumors about her pregnancy prompted her to address them playfully on social media.

Ariana humorously dispelled the rumors with a witty response. She stated, “Not pregnant, just bloated,” in a lighthearted social media post.

In this way, she pokes fun at the common phenomenon of feeling bloated or experiencing temporary changes in appearance.

Ariana in black dress standing in front of mirror.
Ariana has not been married to her long-time partner, Tom Sandoval. (Source: Instagram)

However, fans have always hoped to hear good news about their relationship.

Ariana’s lighthearted approach to addressing the baby rumors resonated with fans, who appreciated her openness and authenticity.

People often wondered why the happy couple was not married and had no children.

Being in a relationship for almost a decade, people had been curious about their plans.

Nonetheless, during their relationship, Ariana and Tom had been candid about their views on marriage and children.

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Why Ariana Madix Doesn’t Want Baby?

As a prominent figure on the reality TV show, fans and the media often take an interest in Ariana’s personal life.

Throughout their relationship, Ariana and Tom shared a strong and loving bond, but they did not prioritize the traditional institution of marriage.

Tom and Ariana split on March 3, 2023, due to his affair with Raquel Leviss.

According to multiple accusations from their Vanderpump Rules costars, the affair began in August 2022.

Ariana has been clear about her desire to remain unmarried and child-free on the show.

On the other hand, Tom expressed his wish to marry her and have children with her.

Ariana Madix in red dress one hand on waist.
Ariana Madix is unmarried and child-free to date. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, Ariana Madix doesn’t have a baby because she doesn’t want one.

Despite Ariana making her wishes clear multiple times, fans regularly ask her if she is expecting.

Ariana shared a selfie on Thanksgiving with the caption, “How is everyone today?”

Even though the photo only featured her face, fans still flooded the comments with questions about whether or not she was pregnant.

Although Madix stated that she didn’t want to have children, she decided to freeze her eggs in case she changed her mind.

In an interview with Us Weekly in February 2023, Ariana was asked about getting married and having kids.

She said that her fertility journey could be part of season 10 of the show.

So, there is a possibility of seeing Ariana Madix with the baby in the future, but not soon.

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