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Arlene Silver Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Meet Dick Van Dyke Wife

The famous Hollywood couple Dick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene Silver are always the talk of the town. Arlene Silver is a great wife but she is also much more than that, let’s explore her Wikipedia.

Arlene Silver is a professional makeup artist who is mostly known for being married to the legendary Dick Van Dyke.

The couple has been married for 11 years, and the relationship only seems to blossom. However, Arlene and Dick Van Dyke share a shocking age gap of 46 years.

She made an appearance alongside husband Dick Van Dyke during the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors.

There people could not help but notice how deeply the two are in love with each other.

This unstereotypical relationship has led many people to wonder about the Wikipedia of Arlene Silver.

Arlene Silver Wikipedia: Navigating Life’s Twists from Love, Loss, and Lasting Bonds

Arlene Silver was born in the year 1971 on September 21st this makes her currently 52 years old as of 2023.

The childhood of Arlene was not a normal one, she was extremely young when her father and mother got divorced.

Arlene Silver
The Wikipedia of Arlene Silver is very interesting, a life full of various ups and downs. (Source: Twitter)

After the split, Arlene’s mother Mary Stout took Arlene with her.

Mary Stout used to work at the City National Bank in California.

She then made it official with Michael Stout from whom she gets her surname.

Many reports suggest that Michael Stout even though a stepfather was a very important person in Arlene Silver’s life.

Sadly at the age of 79 in January 2014 Michael passed away, and once again it was only Arlene and her mother Mary.

Mary Stout had a big birthday celebration on October 18th by Arlene this year.

The mother-and-daughter duo share a very strong bond with each other.

Another strong bond that Arlene shares is with her husband Dick Van Dyke.

Arlene Silver with husband Dick Van Dyke
Arlene Silver is now a big part of Dick Van Dyke’s Wikipedia. (Source: Twitter)

The relationship goes back to 2006 when the couple first met at the SAG Award ceremony.

Arlene was behind the scenes working as a makeup artist while Dick Van Dyke was attending the ceremony as a guest.

Someone took an effort to introduce the two of them but Arlene did not recognize Dick Van Dyke initially.

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Love Beyond Age and Loss: Dick Van Dyke Finds Unexpected Happiness with Arlene Silver

Despite being unfamiliar with the legendary actor’s work and having a huge age gap the two got well along with each other.

Dick Van Dyke was still married to his longtime partner Michelle Triola.

Michelle Triola and Dick Van Dyke were together for more than three decades.

Arlene Silver Wikipedia,
Although different in age, Arlene and Dick Van Dyke look extremely good together. (Source: Twitter)

However, due to cancer, Michelle Triola lost her life in the year 2009.

Arlene was there for Dick Van Dyke during these hard times she became a strong support system for him.

She would finish her work and bring him food. This really made Dick Van Dyke fall in love with Arlene.

They started dating and moved in together in the year 2011 in Dick Van Dyke’s Malibu home.

Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke then decided to tie the knot in February 2012 marking it as a very important date in both of their Wikipedia.

People around Dick Van Dyke say that Arlene has been a great influence in his life.

She has not only become his support system but she is extremely selfless when it comes to her husband. 

However, Arlene is not only a wife she has her own identity as a big Hollywood makeup artist.

She is an independent working woman but her net worth is unavailable for the public to know.

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