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Aryan Simhadri Girlfriend Ellie Kim: Complete Dating Timeline

Rising Disney star Aryan Simhadri is dating his co-star, Ellie Kim, as he cannot stop gushing about his girlfriend, who looks amazing together. Let’s explore their dating timeline.

Aryan Simhadri is an Indian-American actor who was born in the year 2006 on May 6.

He is famous for playing the role of Grover Underwood in the Disney+ hit series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The rising Disney star has also appeared in a Broadway production, Trevor: The Musical, in which he plays the role of Walter.

Aryan has been gaining popularity due to his amazing acting skills on screen.

He has many fans worldwide, and they are often curious about his personal life.

Recently the fans of Aryan Simhadri have been talking about his relationship with his girlfriend Ellie Kim.

Young Love On Broadway: Aryan Simhadri And Girlfriend Ellie Kim’s Rising Romance

Aryan Simhadri’s girlfriend, Ellie Kim, is also an actress, dancer, and model who is currently 16 years old.

She is famous for playing the ever-loving young Jenna in the Broadway musical Waitress.

Her other famous appearances include her roles in shows like School of Rock, Les Miserables, and The King and I.

Aryan Simhadri with Ellie Kim
Aryan Simhadri appears to be a great co-star and an amazing boyfriend to Ellie Kim. (Source: Instagram)

Similar to Aryan Simhadri, his girlfriend Ellie also comes from a multi-ethnic background. She is a Korean-American who was born in New York.

Ellie Kim is currently studying professional performing arts in Manhattan.

Talking about the relationship of Aryan Simhadri and his girlfriend Ellie, the couple met each other in the year 2022.

They both were set to play their respective roles in the Disney+ musical Trevor: The Musical.

In the musical, Aryan Simhadri plays Walter, Trevor’s best friend, while Ellie plays Kathy, Trevor’s crush.

Aryan Simhadri and Ellie Kim selfie
The young couple have many things in common, which may be why they fell in love. (Source: Instagram)

Their similar routine and timelines during the show led them to get close to each other.

They would often rehearse for their roles together behind these scenes.

After being friends for a while, they fell in love.

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Aryan Simhadri And Ellie Kim: From Disney+ Musical To Public Declarations Of Love

Aryan Simhadri and Ellie Kim made their relationship public in March of 2023 by posting a cute picture on Instagram.

The caption on the picture was,

Happy 6 months, my love.

This suggests that the relationship started in September of 2022, shortly after the premiere of their Disney+ musical.

Their relationship has been growing ever since, and the fans can’t help but admire them.

Additionally, Ellie Kim appeared at the premiere of Aryan Simhadri’s movie Cheaper by the Dozen.

Aryan Simhadri girlfriend
Aryan Simhadri and Ellie’s mothers look like they like their kids together. (Source: Instagram)

Aryan Simhadri and his girlfriend Ellie Kim have also presented an award together in Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice awards.

Their Instagram pictures show that Aryan Simhadri and Ellie’s mothers are also extremely close.

Moreover, many pictures show them hanging out, enjoying trips, and exploring new places.

It appears that Aryan Simhadri and his girlfriend Ellie’s favorite things to do together as a young couple are playing games and watching movies.

Aryan Simhadri, in an interview, says that Ellie is one of the most amazing people he has ever met.

Ellie Kim has also said that Aryan Simhadri is the best thing that ever happened to her.

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