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ASAP Rocky Breakup With Rihanna After The Assault And Shoot Case

Hollywood artists are often in the limelight for their personal life choices. This time, ASAP Rocky is in the news for his rift with his childhood friend. There are rumors that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are going through a breakup.

Rakim Mayers, famously known as ASAP Rocky, is a renowned rapper, songwriter, and record producer in the USA, known for his various hits.

He was born on October 3, 1988, in the famous New York City.

Not only for his amazing musical abilities, but ASAP is also famous for his unique fashion choices.

His album ‘Long Live ASAP’ has been able to break many records and features artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and 2 Chainz.

Currently, ASAP Rocky is in the news for his involvement in a shooting that has made fans curious about whether Rihanna has decided to breakup with him.

Amidst Firing Handgun Allegation, Did ASAP Rocky Breakup?

ASAP Rocky allegedly was firing his handgun at his childhood friend, Terell Ephron.

The incident took place over two years ago, but it is only making waves now.

ASAP always had a very clean reputation before this recent allegation. (Source: Twitter)

The childhood friend of ASAP has filed a case against him; he is claiming to be the victim of the incident and having emotional distress.

If the firearm allegations against ASAP are proven to be true, he may face up to nine years of jail time.

The shooting took place in November 2021 when ASAP Rocky and Ephron met each other to resolve a disagreement.

They met outside the W Hotel in Hollywood, and that is where ASAP took the impulsive decision.

The CCTV footage of the incident is making waves on the internet, but the team of the rapper is claiming them to be fake.

ASAP Rocky Breakup
ASAP and Rihanna are the new IT couple of Hollywood, and they seem unstoppable. (Source: Twitter)

The incident and the lawsuit have made fans wonder if his relationship with Rihanna is still intact.

Rihanna is not only his partner but also the mother of his two kids, Rza and Riot.

They have been together since the year 2020, a year before the incident took place.

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Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Navigate Through Challenges: Unbreakable Bond Amidst Court Case

The reports have come forward that the couple is still together, and Rihanna is hell-bent on being by her partner’s side.

Rihanna and ASAP have faced many challenging situations together, even in the past.

It seems unlikely for the couple to break up after this case and the allegations.

It is because Rihanna is someone who holds family as the most precious thing in her life.

ASAP Rocky, being the father of her two children, will most likely make sure that he feels very supported.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are together with each other in these hard times and are not going through a breakup. (Source: Twitter)

The future of the case is still unknown, but what we know right now is that the bond between ASAP and Rihanna is unbreakable.

The couple is together in this tough time, and a breakup between ASAP Rocky and Rihanna seems unlikely.

However, the lawsuit has cast a shadow upon ASAP Rocky’s reputation in the industry.

Fans and netizens are curious about how the rapper will make a comeback after such a big controversy.

However, it appears that the rapper and his partner Rihanna are living a normal life and doing completely fine even during the controversy.

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