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Is Ashby Gentry Gay Rumor True? Sexuality Of Walter Boys Star

The cost of fame for Ashby Gentry has come with the rumor of him possibly being gay. But are the rumors true?

Ashby Gentry is a Canadian actor popularly known for his role in My Life with the Walter Boys.

Born in Calgary, Canada the actor made the decision to move to New York City to pursue acting.

The primary claim to fame for him has come recently, however, he debuted back in 2018.

This debut came through Alex Tuchi’s short film Speechless in 2018.

Furthermore, fans are showering him with admiration and love thanks to his well-earned fame.

But what has stirred a conversation among the masses is the rumor of Ashby Gentry being gay.

Is Ashby Gentry Gay Rumor True? Sexuality Of Walter Boys Star

The sexuality of public figures has always intrigued the audience as it opens space for discussions.

And since Ashby Gentry is a relatively new face in Hollywood, he has become the target of gay rumors.

However, it is important to note that there are no credible sources to validate these rumors.

Further, the sexual orientation of Ashby Gentry is not clear and this has fueled the fire of the gay rumor.

Ashby with his on-screen brother Cole Walter
Ashby Gentry is of mixed ethnicity. (Source: Instagram)

These days media and fans equally participate in spreading rumors across the internet.

One of the primary reasons behind the anticipation can be credited to his social media.

Ashby Gentry has made a total of 17 posts to date and most pictures are of him with his guy friends or of himself.

This could be one of the reasons why Ashby Gentry fans seem confused about whether or not he is gay.

Regardless though, Ashby Gentry has not made any public statement regarding his sexual orientation.

He has, however, mentioned his Instagram caption as he/him/his. However, this does not clarify much either.

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Is Ashby Gentry Dating His Co-Star? The Truth

As the questions about Ashby Gentry’s sexual orientation are spreading, more people are interested in his relationship status.

There are anticipations around a possible link-up between Ashby Gentry and Nikki Rodriguez.

In the show itself, his character is in a love triangle with Jackie and his brother Cole Walter.

The audiences are shipping this online pair and wondering if something is brewing between the duo.

Ashby Gentry is rumored to be gay
Ashby Gentry portrays a reliable and bookish character in the series My Life with the Walter Boys. (Source: Instagram)

However, both the actors have remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.

Ashby Gentry has gone on to share that he shares a cordial relationship with his co-stars.

He shares that they are like family and frequently communicate and bond over shared meals.

Nevertheless, these moments have not been confirmed as romantic.

His reel and real-life relationship status seem to differ, as his on-screen character has a complex love life.

In conclusion, the mystery of Ashby Gentry dating his co-star remains unsolved for the time being.

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What Does Ashby Gentry’s Career Look Like Ahead?

As of the moment, Ashby Gentry seems rather focused on My Life with the Walter Boys.

Much of his posts over Instagram as well as his stories focus on his work in the series.

Although the series has not been critically well received, the cast has received quite a lot of praise.

Ashby Gentry posing behind the trees
Ashby Gentry riding lessons for his role as Alex Walter. (Source: Instagram)

Ashby Gentry, Nikki Rodriguez and Noa LaLonde specifically out of the cast have received attention.

The future choices of Ashby Gentry have not been evident as of yet. However, Ashby Gentry’s IMDB page does have him under the credit for Mooch.

The project of Mooch though does not have much information out.

Observing the cast credit in IMDB though indicates that Ashby Gentry is one of the leading cast members.

Evidently, the fan following that Ashby Gentry has garnered shows a good future ahead for him.

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