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Who Is Ashby Gentry? Wikipedia, Age, Height Of Life With Walter Boys Actor

Ashby Gentry has been winning hearts with his portrayal of Alex in My Life with the Walter Boys series. The masses seem eager to know more about Ashby Gentry through Wikipedia.

Ashby Gentry is a young talent who is getting recognition for his work in a variety of TV shows.

He began his craft at a young age and has showcased his talent ever since.

Ashby Gentry’s journey started with the 2018 drama short film Speechless.

Furthermore, he was also in a music video by the name of Belaganas: Silk.

However, his work in My Life with the Walter Boys is setting his foot in the industry.

Ashby Gentry admirers are thoroughly enjoying his work and are eager to get their hands on his Wikipedia.

Ashby Gentry Wikipedia: Age & Height Of Life With Walter Boys Actor

After Ashby Gentry made his first appearance on the show, fans were quick to search for his details on Wikipedia.

His charm and raw talent got to work and made him visible to the spotlight.

Although fans can trace Ashby Gentry on Instagram, they might not find him on Wikipedia.

Ashby Gentry taking a picture in a restaurant at Olympus
Ashby Gentry is a fan of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. (Source: Instagram)

Ashby Gentry was born on July 30, 2001, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As of 2023, he is 22 years old.

Despite the absence of Ashby Gentry on Wikipedia, his social media gives a sneak peek into his life.

As the young talent is in his early twenties, this provides him with a plethora of opportunities in showbiz.

Furthermore, he grew up in a small, loving family supporting his endeavors.

But Ashby Gentry has not shared any details of his parents on public platforms.

Ashby Gentry has his fans searching for his Wikipedia
Ashby Gentry is an animal lover and has a dog named Milo. (Source: Instagram)

However, it is rumored that his father is of Indian background and his mother is of Canadian origin. 

Talking about his physique, Ashby Gentry stands at a height of 5 foot 10 inches.

He has an athletic body, which he keeps in shape by working out regularly and following a vegetarian diet.

Due to the lack of Wikipedia of Ashby Gentry, his personal life is still somewhat in the dark.

The Professional Life Of Ashby Gentry In A Nutshell

Despite the lack of Wikipedia, some public information is available regarding Ashby Gentry and his career path.

His role as Trevor in Alex Tuchi’s short film Speechless in 2018 laid the foundation for his career.

The film was well-received among the critics, and it also managed to bag multiple awards at various film festivals.

Subsequently, in 2019, he also decided to show his musical talent in the music video Belaganas: Silk.

Ashby Gentry was portraying the role of Mike, a band member’s friend who also plays the guitar.

Ashby taking part in the writers strike
Ashby Gentry believes there are similarities between him and his character, Alex Walter. (Source: Instagram)

The same year, he was in the Nickelodeon revival of the horror drama Are You Afraid of the Dark?

He appeared in one of the first season’s episodes titled The Tale of the Lonely Ghost.

In 2020, his life was about to take a major turn after his audition for My Life with the Walter Boys.

My Life with the Walter Boys is an adaptation of the popular Wattpad novel by Ali Novak.

Furthermore, he is also working on a project titled Mooch, where he will be portraying the role of Joey.

Ashby Gentry strives to be more polished in his acting with every role he presents on the screen.

He is undoubtedly going to carve a steady career path for himself in the future.

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What Is The Role Of The Actor In My Life with the Walter Boys?

Ashby Gentry plays a significant role in the series My Life with the Walter Boys as the character Alex Walter.

Jackie Howard is the protagonist of the show, who moves in with a family in rural Colorado.

There, she becomes entangled in a love triangle between two brothers, Cole and Alex Walter.

Ashby sharing the poster of his series on Ig
Ashby Gentry considers the show ‘about love in all its manifestations.’ (Source: Instagram)

Alex Walter is a reliable and bookish character who quickly befriends Jackie Howard when she moves to Colorado.

However, things between them become complicated once romantic feelings are involved.

Further, his elder brother Cole Walter also starts developing feelings towards Jackie Howard.

Moreover, Ashby Gentry took riding lessons to prepare for his role, as his character competed in rodeo.

Despite being new to the showbiz, he pulls off the character with dedication and effort.

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