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Ashley Gutermuth Husband Col. William: Married Couple Journey

Ashley Gutermuth has kept her profile a secret, sparking curiosity among many. Now, people are actively searching for the husband of Ashley Gutermuth.

Ashley Gutermuth is a rising star in the comedy scene who wears many hats-actress, comedian, online personality, and social media influencer.

She has honed her comedic skills through open mic nights and Toastmasters, demonstrating her commitment to perfecting her craft.

Additionally, her breakthrough moment came in 2020 when she participated in The Tonight Show’s Seinfeld Challenge.

Adding another feather to her cap, Ashley secured the top spot in the headliner category of the U.S. Comedy Contest in 2021.

However, despite her achievements, one aspect of her life remains in mystery-her private life, particularly details about the husband of Ashley Gutermuth.

This intentional privacy has only intensified the curiosity surrounding the identity of Ashley Gutermuth’s spouse.

Who Is the Husband Of Ashley Gutermuth?

Ashley Gutermuth is happily married to William Gutermuth, an Air Force Reserve Colonel 20 years older than her.

The couple resides in New Jersey, close to New York, a hub for stand-up comedy.

However, to date, there has been no photo of the husband of Ashley Gutermuth in public.

Due to the lack of photos, there were some speculations and comments about the existence of Ashley’s husband.

Meanwhile, Ashley Gutermuth occasionally shared humorous posts about her husband on social media.

A wet floor shaped like a man
Ashley only posts about her hubby on rare occasions without revealing his face. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, she maintains a lighthearted and private approach.

While she doesn’t reveal his face often, he seems to be a good sport, even participating in some of her comedy videos.

In one instance, he gave a witty response in a Facebook video about how he would rescue her if she choked on a chicken bone.

According to VETERANLIFE, Ashley humorously describes her husband’s “Spouse Rank” as a “General Troublemaker” and shares insights into their married life.

Moreover, she playfully tweets about their experiences, like a humorous encounter at a restaurant. This showcased the couple’s fun and loving dynamic.

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How Is The Married Life Journey Of The Gutermuth Couple?

The love story of Ashley Gutermuth with her husband, Colonel William Gutermuth, is a tale of friendship evolving into romance.

Despite a significant age gap of twenty years, the couple has built a strong and enduring connection.

Their journey started as friends, and they transitioned into a loving relationship over the years.

Additionally, the Gutermuths frequently relocate due to Colonel William’s military assignments. This made her experiencing the transient nature of military life.

Asley speaking in mic and gesturing with hand
Ashley is known for her military and spouse jokes. (Source: Instagram)

Currently based in a military facility in New Jersey, they moved closer to the vibrant stand-up comedy scene in New York.

Similarly, Ashley, known for her stand-up comedy, has seamlessly embraced the role of a military spouse. She finds fulfillment in supporting her husband’s military career.

Furthermore, she often humorously addresses questions about marrying someone significantly older.

Likewise, her candid and lighthearted approach shines through in social media posts.

This includes a Facebook video where she playfully explains their situation.

Additionally, Ashley openly discusses the challenges of military life in interviews and podcasts. She outlines how deployments impact holiday celebrations and vacations.

Moreover, her presence at Colonel William’s command ceremony in 2016 highlights her active support in his professional milestones.

Ashley Gutermuth back of her husband
Col. William Gutermuth is somehow in comedy by being part of his wife’s videos. (Source: Instagram)

Ashley’s comedic focus extends to military humor. Her content resonates within the military community and a broader audience on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Despite the demands and dynamics of military life, the Gutermuths share a deep bond.

Similarly, the age gap is inconsequential as their undeniable chemistry creates a foundation for a healthy and joy-filled marriage.

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