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Austin McBroom Wikipedia, Net Worth: Catherine Paiz Husband

The popular YouTuber Austin McBroom has captured attention through his incredible family videos featuring his internet celebrity wife, Catherine Paiz and other members, eventually leading his viewers to ask for his inside details via Wikipedia.

Austin McBroom is an American content creator and social media personality primarily known for creating The Ace Family YouTube channel.

Rising to fame swiftly, Austin and his channel garnered attention for the high-quality content filled with pranks and emotional moments that resonated with the audience.

Before entering the entertainment world, he was a player. In fact, Austin McBroom actively played as an NCAA basketball guard for the Saint Louis University men’s basketball program in the 2011-2012 season.

Leaving behind his basketball career, he had chosen to be a social media star. Likewise, he also settled down with an internet personality, Catherine.

But sadly, the two announced their divorce recently, ending their seven-year-long marriage, which has been gaining people’s attention.

Consequently, people actively search for sources to learn more about Austin McBroom, with many relying on Wikipedia for information.

Austin McBroom Wikipedia Explored: Age And Family

People’s curiosity about Austin McBroom’s life has led them to search for a dedicated Wikipedia page, which unfortunately doesn’t exist.

Born on May 20, 1992, in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, Austin McBroom is 31 years old and holds American nationality.

Similarly, he was raised by his mother, Michele McBroom and father, Allen McBroom. His father frequently appears in Austin’s videos and is a small entrepreneur.

Austin McBroom enjoying moments with his three kids
Austin McBroom is the father of three (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Austin has a diverse background. His mother is African-American, and his father is Caucasian. Moreover, both have a background in sports.

Seeing his parents, Austin developed an early interest in basketball, football, and baseball. 

So, while studying at the prestigious Campbell Hall School, he started following his passion for baseball and football.

Likewise, he joined the basketball team at Saint Louis University, playing a significant role.

However, detaching himself from his childhood passion, Austin launched the YouTube channel, which later earned him the status of a social media star.

Learning all this, people are now interested in Austin’s journey as he shifted from being a basketball player to his current status.

This curiosity has led to a significant increase in searches for his Wikipedia page to explore the career story of Austin McBroom.

Career And Net Worth Of Austin Mcbroom

Austin McBroom, now a prominent global social media influencer, has excelled in various spheres like family, sports, and fashion.

Despite being a terrific scorer and playmaker, concerns about his defence and decision-making led to him not receiving scholarships from top universities.

Later, he chose Central Michigan University in the MAC. There, he initially was a bench player, but shortly after, he changed his mind.

He then transferred to St. Louis University to increase his playing time on the perimeter. However, not finding the desired opportunities, he made another move in 2015.

Austin side view with money flying
Austin Austin is one of the renowned web stars of the world. (Source: Instagram)

So, instead of pursuing a basketball career, he chose to go in a different direction. This led him to venture into vlogging, creating a YouTube channel with his wife and kids.

Within a few years, his YouTube channel ACE family boasted more than 18.5 million subscribers and billions of views. The content includes various experiences, challenges, pranks, vlogs, family moments, and more.

As a content creator and YouTuber, Austin undoubtedly earns a reasonable amount. Likewise, he generates income from various sources such as donations, commercials, ad revenue, and promotions.

Furthermore, his net worth is estimated at around USD 6-7 million (approx).

Beyond his career, his relationship with Catherine Paiz intrigues people. Let’s delve into the beloved couple’s marriage and divorce details.

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Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz’s Relationship

Apart from his career, people are probing the Wikipedia of Austin McBroom for his relationship with an internet personality, Catherine Paiz. So, how did the couple come together?

Well, the couple attended the same university for graduation. But they never spoke to each other during college.

Their paths crossed again in 2015 at a party where they had some moments of interaction, and shortly after, they started dating.

After being in a relationship for some time, Austin and Catherine tied the knot in 2017 in a private wedding ceremony that even Austin’s family did not attend.

From the marriage, the couple welcomed three kids: two daughters named Elle Lively McBroom and Alaia Marie McBroom and a son named WStell McBroom.

Austin McBroom hugging his wife
Austin McBroom announced his separation from his wife after seven years of marriage. (Source: Instagram)

Their three children have also become YouTube stars. They regularly appear on the family channel and showcase their happiness.

In June 2019, Austin faced a scandal when a woman claimed on Twitter that her friend had met him at a Miami nightclub and later slept with him.

No evidence supported the claim. After ongoing rumours of Austin cheating on his wife, some believed Catherine deserved better.

With ongoing rumours and tensions, Austin announced his divorce from Catherine on January 12, 2024, via Instagram. In the post, he mentioned that he and Catherine decided mutually.

He expressed that it was a challenging decision but emphasized their commitment to being the best parents for their children.

Despite the separation, Austin and Catherine both express determination to focus on their individual lives and indicate they will likely get back on track soon.

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