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Is Ayisha Issa Transgender? Gender And Sexuality Of Polar Actor

Actress Ayisha Issa is famous for her outstanding performance in the TV show Polar, which led many to wonder if she is transgender. Let us investigate here in this article.

Born on March 18, 1994, Ayisha Issa is a Canadian actress and model who has acted in many English and French TV shows and movies.

Ayisha Issa made her screen debut in 2006, playing Les filles de Cheech in the film Cheech.

Some of her popular roles are Bouba in Unité 9 (2013-2017), Emissary in 12 Monkeys (2016), and Jayma in Far Cry Primal (2016).

She also did voice-overs for video games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Besides her acting career, she also does Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training and competing.

Currently, she holds the rank of brown belt and owns a dojo in Toronto named 4Points.

Nevertheless, netizens are now curious about the gender and sexuality of Ayisha Issa while speculating if the Polar actress is transgender.

Is Ayisha Issa Transgender? Rumor Or Truth

The Canadian actress Ayisha Issa, born in Montreal, has been in the news in recent times because of rumors about her being transgender.

But the bilingual actress, who speaks English and French fluently, has not yet addressed the rumor.

Ayisha Issa pumping up in the gym.
Ayisha Issa is a professional Martial Artist. (Source: Instagram)

The source of transgender rumors seems to have risen from the way Ayisha looks.

Furthermore, this is not the first time Ayisha has found herself in this type of situation.

As a teenager, Ayisha suffered from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, and she wanted to be a model but couldn’t because of her athletic body.

But she overcame it and embraced her interest as she began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

She had won the heavyweight adult female white belt category at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships (2010).

Besides that, though active on social media, Ayisha has created a shield around her personal information and remains private.

The privacy actress maintains only fueled more fire to transgender rumors online.

Ayisha Issas' first time in TIFF with the cast of The Humming Bird Project.
Ayisha Issa has an amazing physique that amazes her fans. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, the Polar actress has not addressed the rumor in any way, and we guess she does not need to.

Just because she has an athletic body and prefers to keep relationship tabs away from the limelight does not mean she is trans.

So, avoid making assumptions about Ayisha Issa being transgender based on baseless rumors.

Furthermore, gender and sexuality are sensitive topics that people should not assume based on sheer physical proportions.

The Journey Of Ayisha Issa: Road To Success 

Ayisha overcame many obstacles to succeed, like strong emotions, tragedy, and tough situations.

Rumors have been spreading because her appearance has always been the talk of the town for many of her fans.

Modeling was Ayisha’s first career goal after realizing she wanted to work in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, modeling jobs rejected her because of her athletic build.

Aiysha Issa in the role of Dr. June Curtis from Transplant made viewers speculate her as Transgender.
Ayisha Issa is a great actress with a phenomenal personality. (Source: Instagram)

As a teenager, Ayisha failed, but she persisted and pursued a career in the film industry.

Her acting career started with a small part in Immortals (2011), where her martial arts experience came in handy.

In 2018, Issa earned a Prix Gemeaux for her portrayal of Brittany Sizzla in the highly acclaimed French Canadian series Unité 9.

Furthermore, she won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards (2021).

Her followers are eager to find out her net worth as she continues to gain popularity.

Though Ayishas’ net worth is not yet confirmed, social media and news suggest it to be more than a million.

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