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Bad Surgeon Wikipedia: Is The Netflix Series A True Story? Review

 Sparking significant discussion and impact, Bad Surgeon has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, making netizens excited to surf the internet for its Wikipedia. Meanwhile, many wonder if it is based on a true story!

The popular Netflix series Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife was released on November 29, 2023, and attracted a global audience.

Ben Steele directs the series and tells stories about real-life events, but some parts are made up.

Additionally, the character shows us a complete picture of how Dr. Paolo Macchiarini tricked people and their consequences.

This series includes old interviews with Macchiarini and stories from his coworkers and families of the people he treated.

Meanwhile, the story teaches us to be careful and not believe everything we hear or see from doctors and the news without asking questions.

Now, Bad Surgeon has quickly risen to the top spot, leaving many people to search for the series Wikipedia.

Bad Surgeon Wikipedia: Is The Netflix Series A True Story?

Currently, Wikipedia does not have information about the Bad Surgeon series. So curious readers can expect future additions.

Fortunately, IMDb sheds some light on the series’ story.

The series tells the story of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, originally known as an innovative surgeon who created artificial airways using stem cells.

But as the series progresses, it reveals a darker side of Macchiarini’s character.

Benita Alexander with her friend
The cast, including journalists, surgeons, and patients’ relatives, reveals the shocking truth about the once-celebrated doctor. (Source: Instagram)

With such an exciting premise, many rushed to Wikipedia to know if Bad Surgeon is a true story.

And yes, the story is based on true events as it reveals the shocking story of Dr. Paolo, who famously performed stem cell trachea transplantation surgery.

At first, it seems like a normal family story, but the show becomes more interesting as it reveals surprising truth.

However, the third scene is particularly emotional, showing Julia undergoing surgery, which is difficult to watch.

Further, the series sheds light on Macchiarini’s operations, revealing him as a convincing yet dangerous character.

As a result, the show raises questions about Macchiarini’s state of mind, revealing his big ideas and excessive arrogance.

Benita with a beautiful couple
Renowned for pioneering plastic organ creation, Macchiarini’s patients died tragically. (Source: Instagram)

However, the selection of the journalist as his ideal wife adds an intriguing element to the story.

The key question then was how his fellow surgeons, nursing assistants, and staff remained aware of the true nature of his operations.

However, they did not mention stem cell collection and subsequent use of plastic breathing tubes. The documentary is silent about it.

Even more unclear is how the entire medical community in Karolinska (and in Russia) continued to help insert plastic tubes into the body.

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Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife Review

After its release, Bad Surgeon received mixed reviews from viewers, as many suggested that they expected another revelation from the fraud surgeon. 

Many viewers were curious to see if there was any real scientific support to support experimental surgeries by a doctor.

But, the film mainly focuses on the feelings of a journalist named Benita Alexander, as the title “Love Under a Knife” suggests.

Benita Alexander doing live discussion
Bad Surgeon is a must-watch for anyone who likes learning about the spooky parts of medicine. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, others have mentioned how the doctor managed to continue the transplant procedures without reviewing any test data.

Well, if you find satisfaction in a story of a weird cheater who seduces women with severe consequences, that’s basically what this movie offers.

Although it lacks a few aspects, the series is a thrilling watch.

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