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Why Fans Think Barry Gibb Is Gay Despite Having Wife Linda And 5 Kids?

Barry Gibb has been in the musical scene for over 60 years; he is wrapped around a gay rumor after attending The Kennedy Center Honors. Let’s explore.

Barry Gibb is a world-renowned musician who was born in the year 1946 on September 1st.

His musical band, Bees Gees, with his two brothers, Robin and Maurice Gibb, was and still is one of the most successful groups in pop music history. 

The band’s famous hits like How Deep Is Your Love is still very much popular to this date.

He was ranked 30th on the list of 100 greatest singers by Q magazine in 2007.

Not only his professional but his personal life is just as great; he lives a happy life with his wife Linda and his 5 kids.

However, similar to every other public figure, rumors and speculations also surround him.

Many of Barry Gibb fans believe that he is gay despite being married to Linda for decades.

Is Barry Gibb Gay?: Rainbow Attire at Kennedy Center Honors Ignites Rumors About His Sexuality

The rumors about Barry Gibb being gay came after he made his appearance at The Kennedy Center Honors.

Barry Gibb
Barry Gibb’s family and close ones are very happy for him to have the honors. (Source: Twitter)

He was there at the event to receive the award, which is a very prestigious American performing arts award.

Only those who have contributed a significant amount of time in the field of arts and music are eligible to win this honor.

At The Kennedy Center Honors event, Barry was wearing a coat with a rainbow lining on the color.

He and other famous singers like Dionne Warwick were also present at the event wearing similar clothing.

The rainbow theme outfit made many fans curious about what he was trying to represent with it.

Rainbow has been a huge symbol for the LGBTQ+ community in the past years.

Barry Gibb Family
Barry Gibb is a family man and loves showing off his bond with them. (Source: Twitter)

Many LGBTQ activist uses rainbow symbolism and flags to show their honor to the community.

Not only in the USA but all over the world, the rainbow has become a sign of gay rights.

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Clarification Amisdt Confusion: Barry Gibb Gay Rumors Debunked 

However, in this case, the rainbow outfit was the theme of The Kennedy Center Honors event.

It was to match the logo of The Kennedy Center Honors.

This does not hint at anything about the sexuality of Barry Gibb or whether he is gay or not.

Barry Gibb has been in the public eye for a long time now, and throughout all these years, this is the first time gay rumors have emerged.

Barry Gibb gay
Barry is an inspiration for many musicians all over the world to keep pursuing their dreams. (Source: Twitter)

He has always had a history of dating females and has lived happily with his wife, Linda, for many years.

The confusion might have occurred because of fans’ lack of knowledge about the event and its theme.

After the event, other attendees have also been facing similar rumors about them.

Barry Gibb has not made any statements to clarify these gay rumors up until now.

Many fans who do know about the event are congratulating the singer.

His old peers and contemporaries are also sending him well wishes and support.

Barry Gibb definitely deserves the prestigious award after such big contributions to music for over 6 long decades.

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