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Bazen Berhe Nationality: Man Who Killed Co-Worker Over Lunch

Recently, news of a man named Bazen Berhe brutally killing his co-worker has started to capture people’s attention. As the details of the incident surface online, people are curious about the nationality of Bazen Berhe.

Bazen Berhe is a 25-year-old young man from Fairfax County, Virginia.

He is the man who was arrested upon killing his co-worker over a stolen lunch from the office fridge.

Upon the court hearing, he was sentenced to prison for 100 years by the commonwealth’s attorney.

Currently, Bazen is serving his time in prison for stabbing the 58-year-old janitor Herman Leiva.

Meanwhile, as the case caught widespread attention, concerns related to the nationality of Bazen Berhe have also started to rise.

Bazen Berhe Nationality: Man Who Killed Co-Worker Over Lunch

As the sentencing news of Bazen Berhe circulated online, many wondered about his original identity and nationality.

Bazen Berhe has been in the spotlight ever since his sentence hearing on January 30, 2024.

Bazen Berhe captured in a screenshot.
Bazen Berhe’s nationality still remains a mystery. (Source: YouTube)

Despite the ongoing case of Bazen, not much information related to his personal life is available to the public.

And among all the undisclosed information lies his original identity and nationality.

Despite his nationwide fame and curiosity, the nationality of the 25-year-old killer remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, as he was currently living in the United States, many believed he held American nationality.

However, the true nationality of Bazen Berhe continues to remain a mystery unless the authorities decide to make it public.

And until then various speculations will continue to surface online adding further intrigue about his true origin.

Nevertheless, it is hard to conclude the nationality of Bazen Berhe unless official confirmation.

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What Happened During The Incident? The Killing!

According to the statement of Bazen, everything about the incident started on the 15th of April 2021.

During the day he was upset by the alleged theft of his lunch by Hernan Leiva and spent the next day plotting revenge.

Hernan Leiva image.
The 58 years old Hernan Leiva had two children. (Source: New York Post)

The next day he bought all the necessary items including a hammer and a pair of knives while leaving his shift at Target.

On the day that followed, on April 17, Bazen arrived at the employee parking lot of Target, waiting for Leiva.

Further, as the unaware janitor showed up, he carried out his plan and charged him with his weapons.

Bazen stabbed and bet him multiple times eventually killing him before running away from the scene.

Following the incident, police officers were informed and they soon arrived at the crime scene.

Later, as the police officers began to investigate the scene, Bazen returned to the parking lot and surrendered himself to the officers.

Meanwhile, the authorities immediately took him into custody and continued further investigation.

After the arrest Bazen confessed his crime and pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in October 2023.

Meanwhile, the uncertain death of Hernan has left his family and friends shattered, and in grief at his loss.

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Details On The Legal Consequences Faced By Bazen. The Aftermath!

In the aftermath of the incident, the former Target employee was taken into custody and pleaded guilty in October 2023.

Further, the authorities kept him in custody until his sentence hearing on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Bazen's photo alongside the photo of Target.
Bazen will be serving 70 years of his behind the bars. (Source: Twitter)

After more than two years of the incident, the court awarded the 25-year-old Bazen with a century in prison.

During the sentencing hearing, he showcased his violent nature and threatened to kill or hurt more people unless the court gave him the harshest possible punishment.

The hearing took place in the Fairfax County court where a judge handed him a 100-year prison term.

Although the jury suspended 30 years of his prison, so he will spend a total of 70 years in prison for the rest of his life.

Nevertheless, despite the court’s final verdict, the incident has left a lasting impact on society.

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