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Who Is Maddy Soffer, Ben Soffer Sister? Siblings And Family

Let’s dive into the world of Ben Soffer, the Instagram sensation better known as Boy With No Job. Fans want to know more about Ben Soffer sister and his family. We’ve got you covered.

Born on April 3, 1992, in the USA, Ben has skyrocketed to fame thanks to his clever and relatable posts on Instagram.

His account, Boy With No Job, is filled with hilarious comments and memes about his typical bro lifestyle.

With over 2 million followers, Ben has become a big deal online, and sites like Brobible even say you absolutely have to follow him.

But now, netizens are looking for Ben Soffer sister for some reason as they are finding her beauty with a brain.

Ben Has An Amazingly Accomplished Sister Maddy Soffer

Ben Soffer is very vocal and public about his family on his Instagram, as he often uploads photos of them.

From there, we could see Ben’s beautiful and talented sister, Maddy Soffer.

Maddy may not have a big an online presence as her older brother, but she’s making her mark in the world, and it’s pretty impressive.

She’s an Associate at Kassin Sabbagh Realty, showing her seriousness about her career and dedication to her work.

When it comes to education, Ben Soffer sister, Maddy, has got it covered.

Ben Soffer sister
Maddy, at such a young age, has already achieved so much. It’s impressive. (Source: Instagram)

She attended the University of Maryland and got a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Relations and Marketing.

Further, she also spent some time at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School from 2012 to 2016.

Maddy’s graduation was a big deal, and she got many congrats from friends and family.

While Ben is all out there on social media, sharing his life with millions of fans, Maddy’s more low-key.

She’s got an Instagram account, but she’s private about who gets a peek into her world.

Ben Soffer sister
Ben and Maddy seem like such sweet siblings whose parents must be proud. (Source: Instagram)

That’s one way she’s different from her brother, who’s totally into the whole public eye thing.

Here’s the heartwarming part: Ben often posts old pics from their childhood showing off their cute relationship.

Ben’s super proud of his sister’s accomplishments and doesn’t hold back in letting the world know it.

Oh, and speaking of milestones, Maddy celebrated her 25th birthday on February 25, and her family made sure it was a special day full of love and support.

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Family And Siblings: Meet the Folks Behind the ‘Boy With No Job’

Besides Maddy, Ben’s mom, Ava Lang Soffer, greatly influences their lives.

She is an amazing flower artist who makes stunning arrangements for special events.

People love her work, and the Soffer family proudly shows it off on social media.

Ben soffer family
Ben is so lucky to have such a wonderful, sweet family. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Bruce Soffer, the father of Ben, is more of a private guy like Maddy.

He’s not all over the public eye, but you can bet he’s an important part of their tight-knit family.

Ben Soffer, also known as Boy With No Job, got hitched to Claudia Oshry, a comedian, in September 2017.

Their marriage brought a lot of laughter and love into Ben’s life, and these two are like a power couple, always supporting each other.

They haven’t had any kids yet as they are putting their careers first.

Claudia Oshry with her husband
Claudia is the perfect addition to Ben’s family. (Source: Instagram)

The Soffer family is all about love and support. They go all out for special occasions like birthdays, whether chilling at home or hitting their favorite restaurants.

It’s all about making those awesome memories together.

So, yeah, Ben’s Instagram celebrity fame is cool, but his family, including his sis Maddy, keeps him down to earth.

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