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Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Filthy Rich Actor?

Recently, with the announcement of the new season of Chicago P.D., fans seem interested in Benjamin Levy Aguilar and his Wikipedia.

To the viewer’s delight, the new season’s release is set for January 2024, and as usual, most of the old cast, including Benjamin, will be part of the show.

In the series, Benjamin plays the role of Officer Dante Torres, a CPD Intelligence Unit member.

His character is diligent, quiet, and has a rebellious nature that hides his disturbing past.

Additionally, Benjamin is famous for his role in the American series Filthy Rich, created by Tate Taylor. In the series, Benjamin plays the role of Antonio Rivera.

The series aired in September 2020 and has been a highly successful venture, bringing at least a million viewers to the US.

The series Filthy Rich is the very reason why people started noticing the caliber and talent of Benjamin Levy Aguilar,

However, among all 11 main cast members of the show, Benjamin Levy Aguilar still does not have a Wikipedia page. 

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia: Early Life

Benjamin was born on June 19, 1993, in Guatemala, Central America. He is 30 years old and a successful television actor, writer, and stuntman.

He is the son of 1988 Miss Guatemala, Mariluz Agilar Rivas, and his father, Jeff Levy, was a businessman in Brooklyn who passed away when Benjamin was just a child.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia with Sadhguru.
Benjamin is a follower of the Sguru’sru’s teaching. (Source: Instagram)

Benjamin belongs to the Jewish ethnicity; his father was Jewish and later converted his mother, Mariluz, to Judaism.

However, he spent most of his childhood with his mother, who encouraged his passion for football.

Later, the world-renowned football club AC Milan selected him to play for their youth team.

But his football career soon ended due to a fracture in his fBenjamin’smin’s life took a 360-degree turn when he realized that he could no longer pursue his passion as a career.

Therefore, he started to train in ‘Krav’Maga,’ an Israeli self-defense art, where he received a black belt. Additionally, he also trained for tactical shooting and evasive driving.

Benjamin wearing a blue shirt for a photoshoot.
Benjamin is a big fan of romantic comedies. (Source: Instagram)

With his skills, Benjamin even got to work at the 2011 Guatemalan Presidential Election and other prominent events.

However, at 18, Benjamin moved to Hollywood to pursue acting and showbiz careers.

Benjamin commands high regard as an actor, tackling emotionally charged and intricately layered characters.

Recently, Benjamin Levy Aguilar has been trending on Wikipedia as fans search for him online.

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Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia About His Love Life

Benjamin has been a woman’s favorite since his debut role in the TV series Glee.

However, he found the love of his life in his most successful project, Filthy Rich.

Interestingly, Benjamin fell in love with his co-star, Macklin, who stars as Becky Monreaux.

Benjamin Skipping ropes.
Benjamin can write backward and flip the letters back like a mirror. (Source: Instagram)

The couple’s romance blossomed during the show’s shooting in 2020. Since then, the couple has been sharing photos on Instagram.

In 2021, Aguilar shared an Instagram post where Macklin kissed him on the cheek.

The couple is expected to marry soon, although the exact timing remains uncertain.

Interestingly, the 11 prominent cast members of the Filthy Rich series do not have a Wikipedia page.

Among the 3, 2 are Benjamin Levy Aguilar and Olivia Macklin.

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