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Benjamin Maisani Wikipedia, Net Worth: Meet Former Anderson Cooper Partner

After Anderson Cooper’s appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live, there’s a growing curiosity about his former partner Benjamin Maisani, with many actively searching for his Wikipedia page.

Benjamin Maisani, born on January 27, 1973, is a French-American business executive, entrepreneur, and nightclub owner.

Originally hailing from Corsica, France, Maisani gained recognition as the long-time partner of Anderson Cooper.

Anderson is a renowned American broadcast journalist and political commentator.

Moreover, Maisani is the proud proprietor of a well-known bar known as Eastern Bloc.

Despite being in a relationship with a public figure, he has consistently expressed a strong desire to preserve his privacy.

Also, Maisani has found success in the business world, having worked in a gay bar.

Following the conclusion of his romantic relationship with Anderson Cooper, the two decided to co-parent their two children together.

This genuine display of paternal love has sparked active curiosity, leading people to seek information about Benjamin Maisani on his Wikipedia page.

Benjamin Maisani: Wikipedia, Career And Net Worth

Benjamin Maisani began his career working at the Morgan Library on Madison Avenue but, due to low wages, transitioned to a role at Barracuda in Chelsea.

Despite initial financial constraints, Benjamin Maisani discovered that the bar work was financially beneficial and personally fulfilling.

Over time, he evolved from a bartender to the owner of three successful restaurants across New York City.

In addition to his ventures in the hospitality industry, Maisani is the proprietor of Eastern Bloc, a renowned bar in New York.

Media reports indicate Benjamin Maisani actively balances his involvement in filmmaking with a primary focus on nurturing his flourishing business career.

Benjamin Maisani wearing a suit.
Benjamin Maisani is a business executive, entrepreneur, and nightclub owner. (Source: Facebook)

Notably, he has previously worked in a gay bar, contributing to his diverse professional background.

As of 2023, Benjamin Maisani boasts an estimated net worth of around $8 million.

This substantial wealth encompasses his ownership of bars, several residential properties, and mansions in Connecticut.

His success is attributed to the thriving clubs and bars he has established over the years.

Despite enjoying fame and being in the spotlight, it is noteworthy that he does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Due to the lack of his Wikipedia page, his fans find it difficult to learn about his relationship with the journalist Anderson Cooper.

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Anderson Cooper And Benjamin Maisani Relationship Status

The number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Benjamin Maisani is growing excessively.

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page of Benjamin Maisani is still unavailable, which might be sad news for many netizens.

Nevertheless, this Wikipedia article comprehensively covers all the information about Benjamin Maisani.

Talking about their relationship, Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani began their relationship in 2009.

Benjamin and Anderson strolling with their dog.
Benjamin and Anderson kept their relationship private until 2015. (Source: Instagram)

The couple frequently immersed themselves in New York City, building a reputation for quality moments with friends.

However, after a nine-year journey, Cooper and Maisani decided to go their separate ways in 2018.

Despite the romantic dissolution, the two remained steadfast friends and still support and follow eachother.

The dynamics of their relationship took an unexpected turn when Cooper welcomed his son Wyatt Morgan in 2020, leading to a decision to co-parent.

Benjamin and Anderson posing for a picture while playing with their children.
Benjamin and Anderson’s children were born through surrogacy. (Source: Instagram)

Cooper revealed that during their relationship, Maisani had reservations about having children, a point of contention that evolved when Cooper embraced fatherhood.

The former partners made headlines again in 2022 with the announcement of the birth of their second child, Sebastian Luke.

Cooper has openly expressed that love transcends conventional boundaries, emphasizing the enduring nature of their bond.

Despite the conclusion of their romantic chapter, Cooper and Maisani have chosen to sustain a close and meaningful friendship.

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