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Bernice Burgos Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: How Old Is The Model?

As Bernice Burgos is getting popular with her modeling career in Hollywood, there has been a significant rise in the number of people who wonder about her personal life and search for her details on Wikipedia.

Bernice Burgos is a well-known American businesswoman, model, and social media personality.

She gained recognition for her appearances in track motion pictures and her sleepwear line, Bold.

Bernice has also been featured on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, for which she gained decent media attention.

Further, she has also established herself as an Instagram star with 7.3 million followers on her Instagram page.

Moreover, as she continues to captivate the audience with her talent and dedication, many have shown interest in the Wikipedia of Bernice Burgos.

Bernice Burgos Wikipedia: Early Life & Career 

As Bernice Burgos gained huge popularity on Instagram, many are curious about her personal life and searching for her Wikipedia page, which doesn’t exist.

So, we have brought this Wikipedia article of Bernice Burgos to provide all the details about her net worth and professional life.

Bernice Burgos posing in black dress
Bernice Burgos is also the brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. (Source: Instagram)

Bernice Burgos was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York, and she is currently 43 years old.

Further, she is an American businesswoman and social media persona of Puerto Rican descent.

Burgos is identified for her work in music videos, which includes collaborations with artists like J Cole and Rick Ross. She has also appeared on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

Likewise, Burgos boasts over 7 million fans on Instagram, showcasing her great social media presence.

Besides that, Bernice Burgos owns a sleepwear line named ‘Bold and Beauty and has established herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Bernice Burgos pictured in ocean
Bernice Burgos is 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimeters) tall. (Source Instagram)

Despite her success, Burgos has faced controversy, notably for her publicized relationships and involvement in tabloid scandals.

However, she remains a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industries.

In particular, Bernice Burgos is an executed entrepreneur and model with a diverse portfolio of work in fashion shows and television appearances.

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How Did Bernice Burgos Begin Her Career? Net Worth

As mentioned, Bernice Burgos is a famous American-style model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

She commenced her profession as a bartender within the Bronx while modeling on the facet.

Over time, she received fame for her appearances in track films, running with numerous well-known rappers and singers.

Burgos also based her fashion clothing brand on women’s sleepwear and loungewear.

She collaborated with her daughter, Ashley, on the apparel line to offer women versatile and sexy options for nightwear and lounging.

Bernice Burgos posing gorgeously in pink
Bernice started her career as a bartender. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Burgos leveraged her popularity on Instagram to promote her brand and modeling projects.

Despite her achievement, Burgos maintains her down-to-earth demeanor, continuing to work as a bartender.

Moreover, at the same time, Burgos pursued modeling and entrepreneurial ventures.

She has been featured on magazine covers and has a widespread presence in the enjoyment industry.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Burgos’s estimated net worth is between 5 million and 10 million dollars.

Her wealth stems from her modeling profession, style emblem, and lucrative social media presence, where she charges between 10000 and 50000 dollars.

Nonetheless, Burgos’s internet worth reflects her multifaceted profession and entrepreneurial works.

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