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Is Bernice King Gay? Martin Luther King Jr. Daughter Sexuality

Lately, there has been rising concern regarding the gender identity of Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King, and many have been suspecting her as gay. So, are these rumors or reality? Let’s find out.

Bernice Albertine King, an American lawyer and minister, was born on March 28, 1963.

She is the youngest child of famous civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

Growing up, Bernice faced challenges, including the tragic assassination of her father while she was just five years old.

So she grew up under the care of her mom, Coretta Scott, who was also a famous activist.

Inspired by her mom and dad’s activism, she selected to become a minister, turning in her first sermon at 17.

However, after her mom’s death, Bernice experienced a circle of relatives conflicts.

Even though things were tough, Bernice King kept paving her path. She later comes up in the spotlight, backing Barack Obama for the presidential election.

Now, Bernice Albertine King is 60 years of age, but her personality has left people wondering about her family life and sexuality, questioning if she is gay.

Is Bernice King Gay? Gender And Sexuality Explored

Recently, there has been much speculation about the sexuality of Bernice King, suggesting that they might be gay.

But her sexuality is still very secretive, and there are no public records that confirm or deny that Bernice King is gay.

Bernice King pictured in green
Bernice King is committed to promoting peace, justice, and equality. (Source: Instagram)

Further, there is no authentic record of the married life of Bernice King, and this might have ignited speculation regarding her sexuality.

However, if other online media is to be believed, Bernice was married two times; however, authentication is yet to come.

Currently, she holds the position of CEO at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

As the daughter of a renowned activist, she continues the legacy of promoting nonviolent change through policy development and research.

Bernice King pictured in a purple dress alongside her brother
Bernice King is a lawyer and minister. (Source: Instagram)

While her admirers speculated about her sexual preference, the activist continued to stray away from such conversations.

Nonetheless, the sexual orientation of Bernice King should be regarded as her private matter.

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Details On Bernice King’s Early Life And Tragical Turns

Bernice was born Bernice Albertine King on March 28, 1963, in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is the youngest among her parents, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King’s four children.

Bernice grew up without her biological father, as her father was assassinated when she was 5. That tragic incident will remain forever as it significantly changed Bernice’s life.

Likewise, she also faced other tragic incidents in her family, like the death of a cousin, her grandfather, and an aunt.

Despite all this adversity, she drew courage from prayer and tears and tried to find relatable figures.

Bernice King smiling for a camera
Bernice King proudly identifies as Black, rooted in her African American heritage. (Source: Instagram)

At 16, Bernice had a big realization when she watched a movie about her dad’s life.

After that, Bernice received a call to the ministry at 17 while attending Douglass High School in Atlanta.

Likewise, she later pursued her career as a minister, holding the position of the second woman at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Later on, she served as the CEO of The King Center and Social Change, and with this, she has worn different hats throughout her career. 

She has been a champion for the issues of gay marriage and had powerful keynote speeches at events.

Although her early life was entire of difficulties, Bernice King remains very close to the family legacy and continues advancing an agenda for peace.

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