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Beth Thomas Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Child Of Rage Now?

Beth Thomas is the name that shook many people worldwide in 1992 when a film was made about her life. The Child Of Rage lives a very different life now. Let’s explore the Wikipedia of Beth Thomas.

Director Larry Peerce came up with a show called Child of Rage where her behavioral problems were highlighted.

Many people did not think that Beth would grow into a person with a normal life after watching this show.

She had a disorder called RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) when she was only six years old.

However, many people will be surprised to know her life has turned out very positively.

So, let us explore the Wikipedia of Beth Thomas, an extraordinary tale of transformation and healing.

Beth Thomas Wikipedia: Overcoming Childhood Trauma To Build A New Life

Beth Thomas was born in the year 1985 which currently makes her 38 years old as of 2023.

Many reports suggest that Beth currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona in the United States.

Beth Thomas age
Beth Thomas was very young when her documentary came out, but people still often wonder about her. (Source: Twitter)

Beth Thomas was only one year old when she lost her mother.

She has a brother named Jonathan who was only one month during his mother’s passing. This left beth and Jonathan to be in the care of their biological father.

Her biological father who was responsible for the safety and care of her and her brother turned out to be the one behind their lifelong trauma.

The father abused Beth Thomas sexually verbally and physically from her birth until she was 19 months old.

Fortunately, the child welfare services were able to save Beth and her brother from their biological father.

The abuse from her father left Beth with a very traumatic disorder which was horrifying to many around her.

Beth Thomas now
Beth Thomas has an incredible life story and her Wikipedia inspires many all over the world. (Source: Twitter)

In the documentary Child Of Rage, there is a moment when Beth recalls killing a nest of baby birds without any reason.

Her lack of bonding and the trauma left by the sexual abuse by her father led her to abuse her brother and the family dog.

The story of Beth Thomas it’s very sad. However, she lives a completely different life now. 

After a long struggle, Beth finally was able to receive help and therapy for her behavioral issues.

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From Struggles To Success: Beth Thomas’ Inspiring Journey in Nursing & Advocacy

Beth went to a public school and then the University of Colorado for her higher education.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Colorado. Beth works as a registered nurse now.

As a nurse, she helps young kids who struggle with the same issues that she once had.

Beth Thomas Wikipedia
The second adoptive parents of Beth Thomas are very close to her and seem extremely loving. (Source: Twitter)

Beth is also a happily married woman now with her own family she tied the knot with her husband in the year 2016 on November 18th.

Not only is Beth a successful nurse in Arizona she is also an author. 

Her book highlights the period of her life during treatment and the struggle her second adopted mother and Beth had to go through during the time.

Beth is also a founder of ‘Families By Design,’ an initiative by Beth to help young kids with RAD.

She has been able to set a great example for young kids and families.

Beth emphasizes how therapy and treatment can make changes in one’s life even when it may seem hopeless.

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