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Bilkis Bano Wikipedia: Victim Of 2002 Gujarat Gang Rape Case

Bilkis Bano, a brave woman from India, a Victim of the 2002 Gujarat gang rape case, has captivated public interest as they keep searching for her Wikipedia page.

Bilkis Bano, a brave woman from India, survived the horrifying 2002 Gujarat riots when she was just 21 years old and five months pregnant.

The riots followed the disputed burning of a coach on the Sabarmati Express train, where 59 primarily Hindu volunteers lost their lives.

Fleeing the violence, Bilkis and her family left their village in Randhikpur, Dahod district.

Regardless, the Indian Supreme Court reinstated life sentences on January 9, 2024, emphasizing the importance of the “rule of law.”

However, the news of Bilkis Bano still circulates, and people are questioning and seeking more information about her on Wikipedia.

Bilkis Bano Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Family Background

Bilkis Bano doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page, disappointing many curious people about her case.

Moreover, the lack of a Wikipedia page for Bilkis Bano means there’s limited information about her.

Bilkis Bano, also known as Bilkis Yakub Rasool, was born in 1981, and she is an Indian woman who survived the tragic riots that happened in Gujarat.

Bilkis Bano joining her hands in the court room.
Bilkis Bano once also said that she trusted the system and was learning slowly to live with trauma. (Source: mid-day)

She comes from the village of Radhikpur in the Dahod district, Gujarat. Bilkis married Yakub Rasool, and together they had three daughters.

Tragically, violence in the Gujarat riots took Bilkis’s eldest daughter Saleha’s life, prompting her to name her youngest daughter in her memory.

Bilkis’s father, Abdul Ghachi, was seen to be involved in the milk-selling business, depicting their low stature.

In 2002, the riots, however, cost heavily to her family when not only the mother but also her younger sisters became its victims.

Bilkis Bano’s life is connected with the tragic turn of events that occurred during the Gujarat riots.

Bilkis Bano wiping her tears.
Bilkis Bano is the mother of three daughters, but her eldest daughter died in 2002. (Source: TheNewIndianExcpress)

However, about her parents and family, there are not many details present due to the sensitive nature and the tragic event.

Fleeing widespread violence in the state, Bilkis endured personal tragedies, yet she persisted in 1823.

The Supreme Court’s CBI investigation and conviction of 11 individuals show justice prevailing amid hardship for Bilkis Bano.

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The Gujarat Gang Rape Case Victim Of 2002: Bano

Bilkis Bano’s tragic case greatly affected various peoples’ lives as she is taken as one of the strongest women.

On March 3, 2002, while five months pregnant, Bilkis faced a horrific gang rape by eleven men amid the chaos of the riots following the Godhra train-burning incident.

The brutal attack unfolded as part of the widespread violence that ensued during that tumultuous period.

Moreover, the attackers also killed her seven family members, including three years old daughter. Bilkis is the only victim who survived the riots in the Gujarat incident.

Bilkis Bano supporters protesting for the Bilkis Bano's justice.
Students of Jamila Milia Islamia protested against the sentence’s remission. (Source: ThePrint)

The quest for justice began with a Supreme Court-ordered CBI investigation into the Gujarat gang rape case.

In 2008, 11 Bilkis defendants of the Bano’s case were finally imprisoned for the charges of gang rape and murder.

However, in August 2022, Gujarat released 11 individuals under a remission policy, serving over 14 years.

This decision stirred public anger and denied the court decision. Consequently, On January 9, 2024, India’s top court rejected their release, reinstating life sentences for the 11 men involved.

Bilkis Bano’s enduring suffering and her pursuit of justice indicate the courage displayed by survivors in overcoming heinous crimes.

Even though Wikipedia has not written anything about the brave woman Bilkis Bano, she lives in every woman’s heart and mind and inspires them to be brave and fight for themselves.

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