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One Piece: Is Nonso Anozie Blackbeard Live Action? Official Or Rumor

With the buzzing speculation, the Sweet Tooth, Nonso Anozie may have bagged another promising role of Blackbeard in season two of One Piece live-action.

Nonso Anozie is an amazing actor born on 1978 November 17th in England.

He is known for playing various notable characters in famous shows like Game of Thrones, Dracula Zoo, and the Netflix series Sweet Tooth.

He also brought home a BAFTA nomination for his character portrayal in the series Sweet Tooth.

Many of his fans are speculating that he might appear in season 2 of the popular hit series One Piece live-action as Blackbeard.

Is Nonso Anozie Blackbeard Live Action?

Fans say he might appear as the character Blackbeard in the series.

Blackbeard, or Marshall D. Teach, is an important character in the manga and anime series One Piece.

He is now captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the four emperors alongside Luffy, Shanks, and Buggy.

Blackbeard Live action
Blackbeard can make your skin crawl but also amaze you with his powers. (Source: Instagram)

Not only is he cunning, but he also has strong powers in this series. He has the devil fruit power called the ‘Yami Yami no Mi’ (Dark-Dark Fruit).

It allows him to control the darkness and powers of other Devil Fruit users.

He got the powers by murdering another character called Thatch, a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

He was later able to get another devil fruit power called the Gura Gura no Mi (Tremor-Tremor Fruit) by stealing it after killing one of the white-beard members.

Nonso Balckbeard
Nonso has such an amazing look that gives his character those needed depths. (Source: Instagram)

All of these events make him a fairly dangerous and very negative opponent

Now, talking about the rumors about Nonso Anozie playing Blackbeard.

The rumors might have begun after many fan communities voted for Nonso as the character.

There is a website, Fancast, where fans can cast someone for the character they love.

So, on the website, many One Piece fans cast Nonso as Blackbeard for the upcoming One Piece live-action.

Not only on the website but many One Piece fans on Reddit wrote that they wanted to see Nonso as Blackbeard in the One Piece Live-action.

Official Or Rumors: Fans Are Eagerly Waiting

The Reddit users wrote that based on what they have seen of Nonso’s performance in series like Game of Thrones.

He fits very well for the role of the cunning Blackbeard Pirate in the One-Piece live-action.

They wrote that after imagining him with a black beard, no one else came to their mind who would fit the character.

Nonso anozie Fancat
Let’s wait and watch what the makers are planning for Blackbeard. (Source: Instagram)

While there is no official confirmation from the actor or the makers itself.

The fans have already made up their mind that they want to see Nonso in the series.

There are rumors that Nonso has already signed up for the project.

The rumors come from unknown insider sources, but there is no proof that they are real.

Some of the cast has been officially revealed, like Ace, the brother of Luffy.

Maybe the makers want to keep it a secret till the end for the sake of a surprise element for the fans.

But is it still a surprise? Regarding predictions, the fans have been able to make the right guess most of the time.

So, until and unless an official announcement comes up, let’s wait and watch how the casting unfolds.

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