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Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Official Release Date, Renewal Status

An action-packed quest of Blue Eye Samurai has been gaining attention from animation lovers worldwide, and they eagerly await season 2 of the fascinating story.

Blue Eye Samurai is a Canadian-American adult animated television series created and written by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi.

The story is set in Japan’s Edo period around the 17th century and follows Mizu, a mixed-race swordmaster.

Further, the series represents a bold and cinematic leap in TV adult animation.

The action-packed story incorporates different genres, enhancing the experience with animation inspired by Bunraku puppets.

With the end of its first season, viewers have been anticipating season 2 of Blue Eye Samurai.

The Animated Action Series: Season 1 Plot Summary

The series Blue Eye Samurai begins with the introduction of Mizu, a lone-wolf samurai on a quest for revenge.

She was born to an unknown white father and a Japanese mother and must conceal her identity.

Further, the samurai also wears glasses to hide her blue eyes and lives as a man so she can take her revenge.

Blue Eye Samurai season first
Mizu is a samurai with a clear goal in her life. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Mizu finds herself stuck with an unexpected travel companion, Ringo, an innocent cook with no hands.

As the story progresses, Heiji Shindo, the black market merchant, sets loose the Four Fans on the samurai.

Meanwhile, Taigen catches up to Mizu to regain his honor after his previous defeat by the samurai.

Later, Heiji invites Mizu, which is an ambush, but Mizu evades it with a plan to penetrate Fowler’s castle.

Fowler is one of the traders of guns, opium, and flesh who wants all of Japan.

During that time, enemies captured Taigen and tortured him endlessly to force him to reveal the samurai’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, his lover, Princess Akemi, runs from home and finds employment at a brothel.

Blue Eye Samurai Netflix
With a unique animation, the series has become popular. (Source: Instagram)

Following the events, the samurai put all her mind and body into breaching the castle’s defense and traps.

However, Fowler arrives and effortlessly takes down the shogunate before Mizu and Taigen restrict his advances.

The samurai spares him and cages him inside a boat headed to the rest of the four white men, among whom is her father.

The series ended with many unanswered questions, making viewers intrigued for season 2 of Blue Eye Samurai.

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Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Official Release Date, Renewal Status

The cinematic animation of Blue Eye Samurai has fans wanting the renewal of the series with a season 2.

Furthermore, the first season released eight episodes, exploring various facets of the characters.

Despite leaving its make, the team has not released any official confirmation for season 2 of Blue Eye Samurai.

Nonetheless, the show currently has an extremely impressive score of 9.1 out of 10.

Moreover, the show has also received praise from critics and fans for its quality and style.

Season 1 Blue Eye Samurai
Puppets heavily influenced the animation. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Blue Eye Samurai is also revenge for one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated action directors.

Esther Wu, who had been searching for an opportunity to carve her name, designed the visuals of the action series.

Moreover, Wu claims that her style is heavily influenced by her upbringing and the cinema of Hong Kong.

Apart from the excellent action scenes, a compelling cast brings the characters to life, offering much to the audience.

Maya Erskine voices the protagonist, Mizu, while Masi Oka plays the character Ringo.

Further, actors like Darren Barnet, Randall Park, Kenneth Branagh, and George Takei play the prominent characters in the series.

Regardless, fans are drawn back to Blue Eye Samurai, considering it a modern cinematic masterpiece.

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