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Isagi 150 Million!? Blue Lock 240 Leaks, Spoilers And Release Date

After an intense match, the win is finally in the hands of Isagi as Blue Lock prepares for another match, and fans cannot wait for chapter 240 as they look for leaks and spoilers.

The ongoing match in Blue Lock between the Bastard Munchen and the Ubers has finally ended.

Players like Tsagi and Hiori played a crucial role in the victory of their teams.

Further, the manga showcased the personal story of the characters to add to the intensity of the plot.

With the dream to become the best striker in Japan, the players from both teams gave their all.

As another major game awaits, fans look for spoilers and leaks of Blue Lock chapter 240 online.

Return Of A Formidable Rival: Chapter 239 Recap

Before looking at the spoilers of chapter 240, let’s look back at the recent release of the story.

Chapter 239, titled Creation, begins with Isagi and Hiori celebrating their win against the Ubers.

Further, the opponent cannot believe how the theoretically impossible goal came true.

Moreover, players like Niko Ikki cannot wrap their heads around the shocking synchronization that Isagi and Hiori displayed.

Blue Lock 240 predictions
Isagi planned the perfect shot for the win. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, they scored the goal without even looking at each other.

Even Kaise was furious at the goal but could not do anything but scream.

Meanwhile, Don Lorenzo claimed that the move was a risky gamble, but in the end, it was worth 100 million.

The scene shifts to Iasgi conversing with Hiori about how he created their winning plan.

Similarly, Isagi expressed that he wanted to keep playing like this with his teammate.

However, Hiori rejects the plan as he wants to play a brand of football that will produce the best striker.

Hiori Blue Lock leaks
Hiori has gained much confidence from the match. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he also reveals his initial plan to quit, but the ending goal made him stay in Blue Lock.

Moreover, Isagi calls him a sadist, to which Hiori replies that he is an ultra sadist, and from that moment, the world will revolve around him.

With this, the story cuts to a game between P.X.G. and Manshine City, with Rin Itoshi scoring a goal.

However, Rin is perfect in core strength, body balance, trapping, dribbling, and shooting.

Further, he has evolved beyond comprehension, bagging a hat-trick for his team’s win.

Rin plans to destroy Isagi in the intense match that awaits them.

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Bids Next Chapter!? Blue Lock 240 Leaks, Spoilers And Release Date

Now as the leaks of chapter 240 surface online, readers cannot wait for the new release of Blue Lock.

The Blue Lock chapter 240 will most likely set up the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen.

However, before that happens, the leaks show the bidding of new market values for the players.

Further, chapter 240 of Blue Lock is titled Triple Jump Up, possibly hinting at a price increase of three times.

Blue Lock spoilers 240
With the return of Rin, new challenges await Isagi. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, after such a performance in a recent match, fans expect a rise in Isagi’s price.

Currently, the striker is valued at 50 million yen; according to the spoilers and leaks, it could rise to 150 million.

But the price change could also be for Rin Itoshi, as he has been surpassing his limits.

Likewise, Rin was previously valued at 36 million, and his value can increase drastically given his performance.

Chapter 240 of Blue Lock was also delayed and is scheduled for November 14 at midnight, JST.

Further, the manga will be available on K Manga along with the Shonen Jump website with an official translation.

As the story develops, the players are much closer to their dream of becoming the best striker in the country.

Moreover, each new release has explored different sides of the character for overall development.

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