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Isagi And Hiori Scored Goal! Blue Lock Chapter 238 Leaks, Spoilers

As the final matches of the game inches close, fans can’t wait for new releases of Blue Lock as they scour the internet for chapter 238 leaks and spoilers.

Blue Lock has caught the attention of many readers with its intriguing plot and characters.

The players under the Blue Lock training aim to become the best strikers in all of Japan with their full capabilities.

Moreover, characters like Isagi and Hirori have been in the spotlight for a few chapters with their personal stories.

The players are up against Ubers, one of the best teams in Europe and home to one of the world’s best strikers.

As the intensity of the current match rises, many wonder how the final moments will go down.

Further, the leaks of chapter 238 of Blue Lock have been circulating online, exciting the fans even more.

Isagi And Hiori Scored Goal! Blue Lock Chapter 238 Leaks, Spoilers

The chapter of Blue Lock is titled Dreamers, and chapter 238 leaks start with Hiori controlling the ball and taking it toward the other side.

However, Ubers player Niko stands in his way, ready to tackle Hiori.

At the same moment, Aryuu is marking Isagi to stop him from getting possession of the ball.

Isagi in Blue Lock leaks
Isagi helped Hiori realize his true potential in the game. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Aiku notices Kaiser charging Isagi from his right and reads the trajectory of Isagi and Hiori’s pass.

But Hiroi’s dribbling confuses Niko as he expects a killer pass from the player.

It looks like Hiori is about to shoot for a goal when Lorenzo comes to him from the left.

However, before the Ubers player could steal the ball, Hiori lifted it as if it were a fake.

Then, Barou appears in front of Hiori and claims that Ubers has erased the pass course.

Team Ubers in Blue Lock chapter
Ubers were a tough competition with their skills and powerful egos. (Source: Twitter)

However, the leaks of chapter 238 of Blue Lock show that Isagi has already gotten past Aryuu, Aiku, and Kaiser.

Now, Hiori passes the ball towards the left to Isagi, where he seems to be waiting.

Isagi charges with his full capacity, putting all the final pieces of the plan together to win.

Further, the pass is successfully scored by Isagi, and he celebrates with his teammate, Hiori.

Hirori has a monologue saying that both the players will cross paths in the future at the end of their dreams.

The leaks of chapter 238 of Blue Lock end with a note that claims the final goal to be the proof that Isagi and Hiori are at the center of the world.

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Blue Lock New Release Date And Time

After a great buildup to the final moments of the game, Blue Lock is popular among the readers.

The new chapter of Blue Lock is set to be released on October 24 at midnight Japanese Standard Time (JST).

Further, the manga will be accessible in various time zones around the world after its release in Japan.

However, the leaks of Blue Lock have been circulating even before the official release.

Isagi and Hiori in Blue Lock chapter
Isagi and Hiori have been the central duo in the recent chapters. (Source: Twitter)

With the story changing the dynamics of sports manga, Blue Lock has earned the attention of many.

So, it is natural for readers to circulate spoilers of their favorite manga.

Further, this volume of the manga is nearing its end, and many expect the following release will likely be a post-game chapter.

Likewise, many people are excited to see how the new arc will be set, given the exciting plot of the story.

So, discussion threads and spoilers of Blue Lock fill online platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Nonetheless, the story of Blue Lock will get even more thrilling with each new release.

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