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Bob Edwards Obituary: What Was Veteran Broadcaster Cause Of Death?

The demise of NPR host, Bob Edwards has left an unforgettable mark on the journalism industry as saddened followers leave heartwarming comments for his obituary to honor the personality.

Robert Alan Edwards, professionally known as Bob Edwards was an award-winning member of the National Radio Hall of Fame.

As a veteran broadcaster, he was the first and longest-serving host on the Morning Edition for the NPR.

Further, Edwards hosted The Bob Edwards Show and Bob Edwards Weekend distributed by Public Radio International to more than 150 stations.

Growing up in Kentucky, he had an interest in radio and pursued a career from a young age.

Moreover, Edwards dedicated most of his life to journalism leaving an unwavering contribution to the field.

With the news of his death, people have filled the obituary of Bob Edwards full of heartwarming memories of him.

Bob Edwards Obituary: What Was Veteran Broadcaster Cause Of Death?

Despite his unfortunate death, Bob Edwards has left a significant mark on the journalism field and the lives of his close ones.

Through his obituary, it is evident that Bob Edwards paved the way for new concepts and material in the industry.

Further, his death left a gaping hole in the lives of his family, especially his wife, Windsor Johnson.

Bob Edwards on NPR show
Edwards has inspired a new generation of journalists. (Source: Twitter)

According to a public statement, Edwards died after a fierce battle with metastatic bladder cancer and heart ailment.

Moreover, metastatic cancer often starts from the bladder and transfers to other parts of a patient’s body.

The veteran broadcaster struggled with the illness for a long time before breathing his final breath.

However, his family hasn’t revealed when Edwards was first diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.

Looking back at his life, the broadcaster started his career at a small radio station in Indiana.

Additionally, he served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, producing and anchoring programs for the forces.

Bob Edwards wearing headsets
Edwards’s wife and two children grieve his death. (Source: Twitter)

At the young age of 25, Edwards had already anchored several national newscasts as their major host.

Through his obituary, Bob Edwards is remembered as a wonderful person with remarkable milestones under his name.

During the time of unfortunate loss, Edwards’s family demanded a moment and privacy and support from his followers.

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Life And Legacy Of Radio Broadcaster: Bob Edwards Remarkable Journey

Previously, Bob Edwards attended the American University in Washington for a degree in communications.

In 1979, he was offered the position of the host for NPR’s flagship program, Morning Edition.

Further, the show garnered 13 million listeners making it the second highest-rated radio broadcast in the country.

Bob Edwards during college
Edwards has a passion for radio since a young age.

After spending 24 years as their host, Edwards decided to leave the channel with much praise for his skills.

Moreover, it was estimated that the host covered over 20k interviews during his time with the NPR.

Listeners often admired how Edwards could blend subjects ranging from politics, current events, and daily life.

The masses widely criticized his departure from NPR as the company received several emails demanding his return.

However, it opened new doors for the broadcaster as he signed a deal with XM Satellite Radio.

Edwards’s show with the company received numerous accolades including the Deems Taylor Awards and a Gabriel Award.

Bob looking at a man
Edwards often encouraged his followers to dream big. (Source: Twitter)

Later, in 2018, he joined AARP to host a podcast, Take On Today, which covered topics of health, work, and aging.

Along with his work on the radio, Edwards penned several books during his lifetime like Fridays with Red: A Radio Friendship.

Due to his unforgettable contribution to aspiring journalists and broadcasters, the obituary of Bob Edwards is filled with moving statements.

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