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Who Is Bobbie Jean Carter Husband? Father To Daughter Bella Carter

The Carter family suffers the loss of their family member as netizens rush to discover details about Bobbie Jean Carter, including her husband and children. Let’s find out more here in this article.

Bobbie Jean Carter was well-known as the sister of musical talents from Backstreet Boys, Nick and Aaron.

She worked as a wardrobe stylist and make-up artist in the early 2000s for her brothers.

Further, her family has been the center of attention for several controversies, struggles, and disputes throughout her life.

As news of Bobbie’s death made news headlines, netizens were quick to dig deep into her lifestyle.

Additionally, the details about the husband of Bobbie Jean Carter have been able to pique the interest of many.

Who Is Bobbie Jean Carter Husband? Father To Daughter Bella Carter

Recently, the demise of Bobbie Jean Carter has brought light into her private life with her husband.

According to reports, Bobbie secretly married and had settled down with the special person.

However, many were saddened to find no information related to the husband of Bobbie Jean Carter.

Bobbie Jean Carter smiling
Bobbie struggled with substance abuse before her death. (Source: Twitter)

Although, close family members revealed that Bobbie’s husband had passed away earlier in their married life.

Apart from that, there is still confusion among many about the partner of Bobbie.

The late make-up artist maintained a low profile and rarely spoke about her relationships.

Further, Bobbie hardly posted on social media platforms and only had a private Instagram account with 1k followers.

Nonetheless, Bobbie’s mother, Jane, revealed that the Carter sibling is survived by a young daughter named Bella.

Moreover, Bella is 8 years old and finding it difficult to cope with the death of her mother.

Bobbie Jean Carter wearing a blue dress
Bobbie maintained a private lifestyle. (Source: Twitter)

Jane spoke about the loss of her daughter and added in her statement,

However deeply a parent feels the loss of a child, the suffering of a young child at the loss of a parent must be much greater.

Apart from that, the family has not disclosed details about the baby due to privacy reasons.

Previously, Bobbie appeared on the E! reality TV show House of Carters, where viewers got a peek into the family.

While connecting the dots, fans have speculated about the cause of Bobbie’s sudden demise.

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Tragic Time For Family: Bobbie Jean Cause Of Death And Past Criminal Records

The past endeavors of Bobbie Jean Carter have also been widely searched along with the details of her husband.

Despite living a private life, it was known that Bobbie dealt with addiction and substance abuse.

Moreover, E! Entertainment documented the topic, gaining traction among the viewers.

Bobbie Jean Carter with her siblings
Bobbie’s siblings also struggled with several health problems. (Source: Twitter)

Earlier this year, authorities took Bobbie into custody in June after she stole items worth $55.32 from Hobby Lobby.

According to online reports, authorities caught her red-handed and charged her with theft and possession of fentanyl.

After the authorities apprehended her, Bobbie was placed on suicide watch for threatening to kill herself while in jail.

On December 23, 2023, news surfaced that the stylist had tragically passed away in her Florida home.

While many speculate that Bobbie’s death was due to cardiac arrest, officials have not made confirmations.

Bobbie wearing a white t-shirt
The Carter family grieves the sudden demise of Bobbie. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Bobbie died almost a year after her brother Aaron also passed away from the side effects of drugs.

During the time of loss, the Carter family has requested privacy and respect for their boundaries.

In the aftermath of her demise, many have paid tribute and sent heartfelt condolences to her closest companions.

Regardless of her criminal record, many remember Bobbie as a fun-loving person who wanted to earn fame in the industry.

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