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Boris Kipriyanovich Wikipedia: Meet The Boy Who Claims To Be From Mars

After Boris Kipriyanovich claimed he was an alien from Mars who came to save humankind from a nuclear apocalypse, many people are now searching for him on Wikipedia. Is he really Martian? Let’s find out.

Boris Kipriyanovich, a Russian boy, reportedly exhibits extraordinary psychic abilities.

His parents say that he is a gifted child with a remarkable mind.

Additionally, he would speak faster and be more intelligent than other children.

Furthermore, he is reported to have a special interest in celestial objects and to discuss odd astronomical occurrences.

Boris talks about his previous life on Mars and how he has come to Earth to save humankind from the nuclear apocalypse.

Hence, netizens are shaken by Boris Kipriyanovich, which led them to search for more information about him on Wikipedia.

Boris Kipriyanovich Wikipedia: A Boy With Psychic Abilities

People actively seeking answers about Boris Kipriyanovich, who is shrouded in mystery, are exploring his Wikipedia page.

Nonetheless, Boris Kipriyanovich does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page, so this article gives you a peek at his life.

Boris in a green t-shirt.
Boris claims he is from Mars and was reborn on Earth. (Source: Reddit)

Boriska Kipriyanovich, known as Boris, was born on 11 January 1996 in Russia.

There is not much information about his personal life, but some sources claim both his parents are doctors.

Moreover, Boris’s mother says he was a very intelligent child who started speaking simple sentences at only 8 months old.

At the age of 2, he was already displaying remarkable language skills, and at 3, he had started talking about the universe.

Additionally, he has shared detailed knowledge about Mars, planetary systems, and extraterrestrial objects.

Furthermore, Boris claims he is from the planet Mars and has come to Earth to save humans.

Boris is with 2 women.
There is no current information about him and his mother as of 2023.

Boriska claimed that Martians, living for a millennium, breathe in CO2 and exhale O2, unlike oxygen-dependent Earth humans.

Boris has an orange spectrogram that signifies joy and suggests he is not a mental patient.

He claims that a millennium ago, humans inhabited the surface of Mars, but a massive war led to widespread casualties.

Moreover, the survivors chose to seek safety underground, giving rise to an enduring underground human civilization on Mars.

Additionally, Boris states Earth would experience the same fate, and he came to warn people.

These statements Boris Kipriyanovich claims make people want to know more about him through his Wikipedia page.

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Where Is The Boy Who Claims To Be From Mars Now?

A Russian boy, Boris, claims he has come to Earth to save humans from nuclear destruction.

He has also asserted that he has visited Earth multiple times before and has discussed a variety of past occurrences.

Journalists have reported Boriska Kipriyanovich and his mother as missing, with efforts to locate them proving unsuccessful.

Boris Kipriyanovich In a green shirt with a woman.
He claimed that his race disappeared from Mars due to a nuclear war that took place a thousand years ago.

Some sources say the Russian government is currently protecting Boriska in a secluded village.

As a result, any attempt to get in touch with him would be in vain.

Moreover, psychics say they’ve mind-communicated with Boris, who assured them he’s living in a remote place with his mom and all is well.

Nevertheless, Boris calls himself an Indigo child, as these children are very intelligent and have unique abilities.

People claim that the Indigo Children, known as the youngsters, are reincarnations possessing supernatural powers and having survived the Martian wars.

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