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Rasengan Uzuhiko Beats Code? Boruto Chapter 83 Leaks And Spoilers

The latest leaks from Boruto chapter 83 have revealed another great detail in the story. As fans grow curious, spoilers circulate on online platforms.

Currently, in Boruto, things are very intense as characters come face-to-face with the enemy.

As Boruto Uzumaki returned to Konoha with his new skills, the Grimes attacked the village.

Further, Code launched an assault resulting in a fight between him and the returned hero.

Code is the only one who knows the location of the ten tails, and holds the key to big revalations.

With new powers of all the characters, the story develops at a fast pace.

As the release time inches closer, fans circulate leaks of Boruto chapter 83 with excitement.

Rasengan Uzuhiko Beats Code? Boruto Chapter 83 Leaks And Spoilers

In the Boruto chapter 83 leaks, the battle between Code and Boruto continues.

Boruto displayed his polished sword skills in the previous chapter with the introduction of a new jutsu.

Further, he challenges Code with an invisible power, Rasengan Uzuhiko, in the last release.

As he can weaponize portions of his body, Code transforms his fingers into razor-sharp talons.

Boruto in chapter 83 leaks
Boruto wants to learn more about the Ten-Tails location. (Source: Reddit)

Moreover, Code uses a portal to attack Boruto from the back but Boruto dodges it at a perfect time.

Then, Boruto attempts to hit Code with his Rasengan Uzuhiko but fails to do so.

Both the characters start talking to each other when Boruto’s power engulfs the Code’s talons.

Code has a puzzled look on his face as Boruto demands the way to the ten tails. Afterwards, Code tries to hit Boruto multiple times with his weaponized body.

Boruto fights Code in new chapter
Code is one of the major protagonist in the Boruto series. (Source: Reddit)

However, Boruto avoids it each time and finally hits Code with Rasengan Uzuhiko’s immense power.

The leaks of Boruto chapter 83 cut to Eida talking with Daemon about this new jutsu.

Moreover, they reveal that the Rasengan uses the rotation of the stars to create such force.

Meanwhile, Code feels dizzy and lands on the ground as he tries to stand after getting hit by such power.

While Boruto talks to Code, Kawaki interrupts the conversation creating a tense environment.

Further, this gives Code a chance to slip away to his base. But Boruto has placed a frog in Code’s cloak according to chapter 83 leaks.

The chapter ends as Boruto finds out the location of the ten tails, which Code controls with his powers.

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Boruto New Chapter Release Date and Time

The newer releases of Boruto will be action-packed and emotionally charged with the newfound powers of the characters.

Chapter 83 of Boruto is set to be released on October 19 at midnight Japanese Standard Time (JST).

After its release in Japan, it will become accessible in various time zones around the world.

Further, to read the latest chapter, fans can visit Manga Plus and Viz Media websites.

However, people have circulated the leaks of Boruto even before the official release.

As Boruto is a new-generation story, it has gained popularity among readers worldwide.

Boruto with a mark on his eye
Boruto has developed a different personality after the time skip. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the recent developments in the story have left fans wanting new releases and chapters.

So it is natural for readers to circulate spoilers of their favorite shonen manga.

Online platforms like Reddit and Twitter are filled with discussion threads and leaks of Boruto.

Likewise, the leaks have revealed new aspects of the story creating anticipation among many.

Further, many illegal sites have uploaded raws of the chapter creating more spoilers.

The legal team has removed hundreds of threads but this has not stopped fans from creating new threads.

Since leaks affect the revenue of the series, it is understandable that the legal team is removing them.

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