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Is Breckie Hill Dating Connor Bedard? Boyfriend Rumors And Scandals

Breckie Hill is a young TikTok and adult star who has posted a video in support of Connor Bedard and has brought a storm to the internet audiences, raising the debate about their relationships or rumors.

Breckie Hill is a social media influencer, having over 1.6 million followers in her Instagram profile.

She is also active on TikTok and makes random videos like lip sync, dance, and modeling.

One of her videos got trending when she performed a lip sync to Doja Cat’s hit single Get Into It (Yuh).

Being a public figure and social media influencer, she promotes the bikini and swimwear brand Boutine Los Angeles.

Breckie’s TikTok and social media handles show her popularity among her fans and followers.

These benefited from casting a rumor that Breckie Hill was having a relationship with a young athlete, Conner Bedard.

She managed to gain even more popularity after the news spread over the internet. 

Is Breckie Hill Dating Connor Bedard? Boyfriend Rumors And Scandals

Breckie Hill is a 20-year-old social media influencer born 18 April 2003 in Edina, Minnesota.

Her work on social media and other platforms has gained her the fame she deserved.

She has gained millions of followers liking her lip sync video on Tiiktok

Besides this, she promotes various brands of bikinis and dresses as a model.

Her Instagram with random shorts and reels gained millions of likes along with modeling.

Breckie has also appeared on the podcast of BFF’s channel in episode 112, where she shared her previous relationship experiences.

Breckie Hill in nature
Breckie Hill cheered as a member of the Edina squad. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, she has also explained about rumors and scandals that she faced in her past relationships.

Despite her many videos, she has never revealed her relationship with anyone or anywhere.

But her recent video on TikTok has raised the controversy and curiosity among her fans about her relationship.

Breckie Hill started showing interest in Connor Bedard, which caused Social media to light ablaze. 

It all started when Breckie Hall was caught sending DMs to Connor Bedard and posting them to her profile.

Later, Breckie Hill was also seen posting another video saying she would be supporting Connor Bedard in his game.

This has made her fans even more confused about whether Breckie is dating Connor or not.

Breckie Hill in swimsuit
Breckie Hill joined Instagram in December 2014 and shared her first IG post on 16 June 2017. (Source: Instagram)

However, she has never made it public or seen being confident about the rumors.

Furthermore, some claim this is fabricated solely to gain popularity among Conner audiences.

On the other hand, some say they might have met in person and kept their relationship inside the box.

Breckie Hill’s Controversies And Dating History

Hill is a young star who gained fame through TikTok and entertained many through her videos.

Despite being a famous personality on the internet, she seems single.

But, this does not allow everyone to speculate that she never had a relationship.

Despite being single, she had a dating history with the most controversial and sensational style.

Before the rumor with Coonor Bedard, Breckie Hill was rumored to have stolen Olivia Dunne.

Olivia is an accomplished LSU gymnast whose relationship with her boyfriend, Paul Skenes, seems open and public.

Breckie Hill in bikini
Breckie Hill crossed 900M followers on her birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Breckie’s resemblance to Olivia has also caused confusion between these two personalities.

This also caused a subject to fight over when Breckie adopted Olivia’s way of living and rumored Paul to be his boyfriend.

As per the online archives, she posted a video wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey and wrote Paul Skenes with a red heart emoji.

This has sparked debates about her online and left her fans confused about her dating life.

Currently, when Breckie Hill again posted a video on her TikTok in support of Connor Bedard, this also sparked a rumor about her relationship with the athlete.

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