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Is Breckin Meyer Gay? Clueless Actor Sexuality Explored

Ever since the rumor of Breckin Meyer kissing Ryan Phillippe was made headlines by several online portals, netizens became curious about his sexuality and wondered if he was gay. But is it reality? Let’s find out.

Breckin Meyer, born May 7, 1974, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a well-known American actor. 

As an actor, he has been in different films and TV shows but is famous for his role in Clueless, The Craft, Road Trip, and others.

Besides acting, he has also ventured into music, gambling drums, and sports.

Having such a multifaceted career, he often caught the media attention; however, lately, he is on the trend for his sexual identity.

As online media has mentioned Meyer’s name together with Ryan several times, this led to different speculations as some started to consider whether Breckin Meyer is gay.

Is Breckin Meyer Gay? Sexuality And Gender

The sexuality of well-known personalities has always served as a topic of interest for people globally.

And at this very moment, it’s Breckin Meyer who has turned out as the primary target of gay rumors.

The gay rumors of Breckin Meyer started circulating due to his professional life and some of his artistic choices.

Breckin Meyer in white shirt with his lady friends
Breckin Meyer excels in performing physical stunts. (Source: Instagram)

The speculation, in general, is due to a deleted kiss scene between him and Ryan Phillippe in the movie 54.

However, it is critical to emphasize that the inclusion of such a scene does not always reflect the sexual orientation of the actors worried.

The choice to dispose of the kiss scene from the movie was reportedly made using the studio to shift the storyline’s focus.

This caused renewed discussions about the film and required the release of a director’s reduction to admire its authenticity fully.

Ryan Phillippe commented that the deleted scene was not included in the film’s final version, further sparking speculation and interest in the subject.

Breckin Meyer animated picture
Breckin Meyer has two daughters from his ex-wife. 

In conclusion, the discussion surrounding Breckin Meyer’s sexual orientation may persist due to the context of the deleted kiss scene in Fifty-Four.

But let us tell you that Breckin Meyer is not gay but a straight man.

He was previously married to a film director, Deborah Kaplan, and has two daughters with her.

And Breckin Meyer is currently in the spotlight for his relationship with Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s widow.

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Breckin Meyer’s Early Life And Early Career

Breckin Meyer grew up alongside his older brother, Frank, and younger brother, Adam, in his hometown in Minneapolis.

His mother and father, Dorothy Ann and Christopher William Meyer, supplied supportive surroundings for his upbringing.

During his youth, Meyer attended Simple faculty with actress Drew Barrymore, wherein he significantly shared an early kiss with her.

This early exposure to the entertainment industry and his innate skills sparked Meyer’s hobby of appearing.

Meyer’s journey into acting began with TV commercials and appearances on indicates, including the sports display Child’s Play.

Breckin Meyer childhood pic
Breckin Meyer is a Minnesota native. (Source: Instagram)

His breakthrough got here with roles portraying characters entangled within the drug culture.

Notably, in films like Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, he met a grisly end in an online game collection.

However, his portrayal of the skateboarding stoner in the youngster conventional Clueless catapulted him into the spotlight.

His function as a busboy in Fifty-four (1998) navigates complex relationships within the iconic nightclub scene.

Beyond appearing as an actor, Meyer’s creative endeavors prolonged to tune, in which he showcased his drumming talents in bands like The Street Walking Cheetahs.

Additionally, he delved into writing and voice artwork, contributing to initiatives like Robot Chicken.

Breckin Meyer’s early life and career are a solid basis for his multifaceted contributions to the enjoyment organization.

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